How to Customize Wallpaper to Match Your Home Decor Style

How to Customize Wallpaper to Match Your Home Decor Style

Do you have a vision for your interior space? Are ready to add a vibrant new element to the mix? If you've established a central aesthetic and have a vision for your decor, the next logical step is to pinpoint the perfect wall coverings. This can be tricky, especially if you found your fabric, upholstery, or curtains first and are now ready to follow up with wallpaper.

Thankfully, versatile and easy-to-apply options exist. To help, we've highlighted a few of the most compelling strategies for matching wallpaper and curtains — or matching wallpaper and fabric — to achieve a cohesive and impactful interior design. As you start to plan your process, be sure to check out our wallpaper and mural collections, which will instantly amp up your interior space.

Define Your Aesthetic

First things first: what, exactly, is your preferred aesthetic? Perhaps you've already established this by gravitating towards certain types of decor: woodsy elements for a rustic design, for example, or clean lines and neutral colors for a modern minimalist theme. Take some time to elaborate on your vision and what it will take to achieve it.

Next, identify the existing elements that align with your envisioned style and those that need a refresh. Often, you'll find that with minor tweaks, your space is on the brink of interior excellence. The transformation might be as simple as introducing peel-and-stick murals or wallpapers. Not only do they make a bold impression, but they can also seamlessly blend with your overall design narrative. 

Play With Palettes

Your color scheme will ultimately determine whether new wallpaper makes your space feel cohesive or cluttered. Regardless of your identified aesthetic, you should feel confident that your top color selections will not clash.

If you're determined to maintain your original curtains or upholstery, this might mean building your final palette around these elements. Otherwise, you can also use them as focal points and opt for a neutral wallpaper style.

Interested in going bold and bright? Pay attention to undertones. Rich shades of brown, for example, work wonderfully with other deep hues, such as forest green, or even rich colors like ochre.

Jewel tones also pair nicely, especially if you include contrast hues: emerald with magenta or yellow, for example, or garnet plus sapphire. Soft shades of blue or green will make you feel relaxed and at ease but also pair wonderfully with neutral elements.

Feel free to experiment with colors outside your typical comfort zone. If you opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can always switch up your look when you're ready for a refresh.

Explore Wallpaper Options

If unimpressive walls stand in the way of your dream aesthetic, it's time to give them a boost. Removable wallpaper can deliver a near-instant upgrade, but you'll still want to examine available styles and designs closely to ensure you're happy with the final product.

Begin by simply exploring: browse our collections to see which styles are available and which are most likely to fit with existing elements within your home. Take this opportunity to expand your horizons: if you usually opt for understated styles, for example, you may be surprised to discover that you fall head over heels for bold patterns, such as plaid, stripes, or even Art Deco styles.

As you survey your options, be mindful of the palettes and aesthetics on display. Which work with the furniture and fabric already featured within your home? If you browse our collections on a mobile device, you can easily place favorite patterns near existing elements to see if they complement one another or clash.

We make it easy to navigate our vast wallpaper and mural collections, so the shopping process always feels easy and fun. You're welcome to browse by designer, and chances are, you'll quickly find a few favorites. Erin Kendal and Crystal Walen, for example, boast stunning designs that should work wonders in a variety of rooms and locations.

Shop Our Wallpaper Collections at Limitless Wall!

You've done your homework and found a wallpaper design you adore. You'll be amazed how easy it can be to match wallpaper when so many wonderful options are available. Our team at Limitless Walls is happy to help you every step of the way. We can be trusted to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

If you're ready to get started, shop our wallpaper and mural collections to discover the best peel-and-stick options available. Contact us for more information or simply explore to discover the limitless possibilities.

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