how to transfer wall decals when moving

How to Transfer Wall Decals When Moving

How to Transfer Wall Decals When Moving

Home designs can be hard to transfer when you move. There will always be things you’re glad to leave behind, like that tiny closet or awkward bathroom. However, you’ll also miss certain things about your former home when moving. The antique wood floors that are irreplaceable, the way the light comes in when the sun rises. However, if you have a peel-and-stick decal or removable wallpaper, you’re in luck! Here’s a guide on how to transfer your decor and save your removable wall decals when moving.

How to Move Wall Decals and Wall Murals

1. Gather Supplies

To start, you will need to gather a few supplies:

  • The original backing paper or wax paper
  • Blow dryer
  • Rubber Bands
  • Cardboard tube

2. Peel the Wall Mural Off

Most removable wallpaper or peel-and-stick wall murals are designed to be easily removed without any extra supplies. However, because of inconsistent environmental factors, there may be some difficulties in removal.

Tug at one of the top corners to see how easily removable the mural is. ALWAYS peel at a 45-degree angle down from the corner. If you can pull the mural away easily, congratulations! Your job just got a lot easier. Pull the material away slowly, firmly, and consistently for best removal.

3. Being Difficult? Use a Hairdryer

If you tugged at a corner and found removal to be a little difficult, use a hairdryer! The heat will cause the adhesive to gum up slightly (don't worry, you'll still be able to still reuse it). To help the process, grab a blow dryer, start in one of the top corners and turn on the blow dryer to a low-temperature setting. Aim the blow dryer directly at the wall decal and slowly wave it over a section for a few minutes. Once the section feels warm when you touch it, gently pull the material away from the wall. Ensuring most adhesive stays on the mural instead of the wall will help you save your wall stickers.

4. Clean Off the Wall

After you have removed the wall mural or wall decal, there's a small chance that some adhesive will remain on the wall or ceiling. Generally, this adhesive will be easy to remove with a little elbow work. Often you can remove it with soap and water. Still, occasionally, it will be a little too difficult for that tried-and-true method. In that case, we recommend using Zinsser Dif Ultra Spray to get that last bit of adhesive off. For more information about removing mural and decal residue, this article has all the instructions you'll need.

How to Store Wall Decals

Once you have carefully removed the wall mural or removable wall decal from the wall or ceiling, you will need to store it before you can reuse it. If you held onto the original backing paper, your job is more straightforward. If you got a removable mural through Limitless Walls, we can send you extra backing paper at no additional charge beyond shipping. We recommend the backing paper for large murals or long-term storage. If you need to proceed immediately, grab a few rolls of wax paper.

Place the mural on the ground, front side down. Then, attach the backing paper or wax paper to the back. Be careful to avoid touching the mural (fingerprints, dust, and wetness can affect long-term tack). You should be able to carefully roll the entire wall mural up for easy storage and movement until you reapply it. Next, secure the mural with a rubber band, ensuring they won't come apart and can stay in prime condition. Cardboard tubes also provide additional protection to your mural and allow you to keep the high-quality materials intact and safe.

However, during this process, wrinkles may happen. Removable wallpaper that is slightly creased will eventually flatten out after a short period. Bending them is inevitable and expected. Though, be careful not to fold your mural. Harsh folds can leave a crease that will not come out, unfortunately. This is where the rubber bands and cardboard tubes come in to ensure extra safety. Make sure they are stored in a safe place during the move. When storing, keep them away from heavy objects that could cause folding.

You Can Reuse Your Peel-and-Stick Decals and Murals!

Once you have decided where to reapply your wall sticker or mural, you can follow the same easy installation process you used to apply the mural in the first place. Be sure that the walls are clean and dry before applying. To avoid getting air bubbles under the wall mural or wall decal, apply the material slowly and use a credit card to squeegee the material onto the wall.

If you follow these directions properly and keep the back of the mural dry and dust-free, you should be able to reuse the mural two or three times!

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