black with white vein marble feature wall in bathroom

How to Use Marble Wallpaper

How to Use Marble Wallpaper

From the palace of an ancient king to your kitchen island, marble brings a sense of elegance and opulence to any space. Because of its natural nature, sturdiness, polish, and sheen, marble is a timeless look that will never be off-trend. While you can find a color and vein of marble that fits with your space, a full, custom marble installation is a very time-consuming, difficult, and expensive process—one that you’ll have to repeat if you chip the marble.

Fortunately, there's a way to bring that "marble effect" of elegance and opulence to your room that's far easier and cheaper than installing real marble: faux marble wall murals and wallpaper! Especially great for accent walls and backsplashes. Limitless Walls has a wide variety of marble wallpapers and wall murals, with different colors and veins, and in both glossy and matte finishes—a totally customizable process!

If you decide that you want a marble wallpaper recreation, you've made a great choice! Just keep in mind that with marble, like all other texture recreations, only looks realistic when blown up to a certain degree. Because we try to recreate marble faithfully in our murals, we include things like grain size and "imperfections" in the mural. If you take a smaller image and blow it up to a larger size, the textures will look "off." If you have more questions about the process, we'd love to help! Contact us here.

Marble Design Ideas

Fortunately, lining up the pattern of marble is easy. In the case of a larger setting, we recommend getting multiple murals and lining up the patterns as opposed to getting one massive sheet of marble wallpaper.

Black Marble

Black marble is one of the most chic ways to incorporate marble into a setting. This just screams BOLD! No matter what room you put black marble in, it's sure to be the centerpiece of the room, and a talking point for all of your guests! Black marble with gold veins is a more opulent look, whereas a black marble wall with white veins is simultaneously retro and modern, sure to match your design goals!black with white vein marble feature wall in bathroom

Blue Marble

You have two options for blue marble wallpaper: dark and bold, or light and relaxing. An intense dark, royal, or navy-blue based marble mural will pop out in any room and be the center of attention. If you add some white veins to these dark murals, it will be reminiscent of the turbulent ocean, adding a sense of excitement and movement to the room!dark blue marble pattern with white veins

Conversely, a light blue marble wall evokes clear skies and all its beauty and simplicity. These murals will add a touch of light and color to any room, without detracting or clashing from any of your existing décor.swirling light blue and white marble pattern

White Marble

White marble is the most common and most traditional of all your marble options. If you have a marble countertop or backsplash, you most likely have white marble with grey veins. Don't worry! While it is more common, it is by no means dull; it's classic and traditional for a reason. Clean, sleek, and stylish; it adds color and spontaneity to a surface without being either distracting or boring. Using this fairly neutral backdrop, you can be bold with your furniture and other room décor!

white marble with grey vein pattern

Even apart from walls and backsplashes, white marble is a chic look for furniture. A white marble coffee tabletop would be a unique addition to a living room, something different without being too bold or excessive. Use a Limitless Wall mural and select our protective topcoat option, or cover the mural with a piece of Plexiglass to put this cheap, high-quality alternative into practice!

black side table with white marble top

Rose Gold Marble

Light rose gold or pink marble wallpaper or wall murals are a striking, yet soothing and simple choice. The light, elegant textures would be great for a powder room, walk-in closet, or bathroom. It can bring some sophistication for those rooms that can be hard to decorate for!

pink marble wallpaper bathroom

Real Limitless Walls Wallpaper! Picture from Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Geode Wallpaper

If you want that classic marble look, but something a bit more fun and spunky, geode wallpaper is just what you're looking for!

blue geode wallpaper with interesting patterns

Real Limitless Walls mural!

Far more colorful than traditional marble, geode wallpaper is full of bright colors, swirling patterns, and striking features, while still maintaining the classic nature and vintage feel of marble. The unique crystal patterns make geode murals a unique piece, ranging from a definite conversation in a living room to a soothing accent in a bathroom.

Painted Swirlred, white, and black painted swirl in the style or marble

If Jackson Pollock got to design a marble pattern! Taking inspiration from the veins and patterns of a marble slab, artists have recreated the swirling textures by mixing and stirring paint colors. This creates wild patterns with two distinct colors, with a small gradient as the colors begin to mix. These painted "marble" murals could be anything from a white and light gray mix, to a mix of neon and glow in the dark colors!

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