16 Interior Design Ideas for Your Condo

16 Interior Design Ideas for Your Condo

16 Interior Design Ideas for Your Condo

With people flocking to the cities, condos are popping up everywhere, day-by-day. Being smaller than single-family homes, decorating condos can be tricky since there is less space to work with. Here are some simple condo interior decorating tips and design ideas that can take your condo from boring to utterly your own!


There's a good chance your condo in the city lacks access to trees, plants, and nature as a whole. To bring a little bit of country into your city condo, invest in plants for your patio and indoors. If you're not big on keeping plants alive, look for succulents or plants that don't need watering often. You can also invest in artificial plants, so you have those little bursts of green around your condo without the hassle of watering. Fresh flowers from your local farmer's market can also do the trick!

well lit living room with various plants


Using a new pair of drapes or curtains can make your condo stand out. There are tons of styles and patterns of drapes, like embroidered, patterned, elegant, and eclectic. Dark-colored drapes can block sunlight when necessary and also add a stylish look to the home. Before purchasing, make sure the color of the drapes complements the wall color. Curtains shouldn't be the focal point of the room, but merely a nice addition.thick drapes in a living room


Art is a beautiful way to spice up your condo. You will probably be hanging art on at least one wall of your home. Find a wall with enough space to display your pieces and go right to work, finding the best layout for your art frames. You may also want custom framing for your pieces, which can you can find at most art supply stores.

van gogh's almond blossom on the headboard of a bed

Furniture Accessories

Accessories can step up your style game in a condo. Space is the main issue, and the key to solving that problem is finding the best layout for your furniture and accessory items. Creativity is your friend when it comes to accessory styling.

Large wall mirrors can help make your condo look bigger when placed on walls that have good natural light. Mirrors also add a look of sophistication into a room.

Other ways to save space can be hanging bookshelves, that still allow you to display your books and accessories while also preserving floor space. Additionally, you can mount your tv to the wall or above the fireplace. Entertainment centers can be huge and bulky, take them out of the equation, and you have a lot more room to work with.


Paint can be another element that broadens the space of a condo. Soft and vibrant colors can give a warm feeling. Painting your ceiling a darker shade to provide a sense of height. Vertical stripes on wallpapers and curtains will also give off the impression of taller ceilings. Windows will also make or break a room. You can add space and match the colors of your walls with the curtains to help them blend and create more space. The continuity in color will enlarge the look of the room.


Natural lighting and an airy feel can have lots of added benefits in your home. Starting your morning in a bright and sunny room can already lift your spirits before you even leave the house.

living room area with lots of natural light

Utilizing Space with Furniture

Keeping your small space clean is, above almost all decorating ideas, the best way to make your condo look good. You will feel better when your home is clean, and it will look better, too!

When picking out your furniture, make sure to have specific reasons for your pieces. You want to avoid having too much furniture, especially if it isn't functional. Simple designs with dark colors have been known to make the room feel bigger. Minimalistic decorations are always suitable for small rooms. White and soft pastels are vital to your decor elements like paint, furniture, and accessories. Another tip for your living room furniture is to pull your pieces away from the wall a few inches to give off a look of more space.

Translucent materials will also help with openness. Glass coffee tables and side tables give off the illusion of more room. Wood or marble-like materials will make the room feel more weighty. Metallic or mirrored pieces also will reflect light and bring in space.living room with large sliding glass patio door and glass coffee table with lots of natural light


An element to step up your decor game is wallpaper. A wallpaper accent wall or wallpapered hallway can be precisely what your condo needs. You can add a touch of extravagance in a smaller space without it feeling as overwhelming as a larger space. Do an accent wall in the living room or bedroom behind the couch or bed, respectively. A hallway is a great place to experiment with fun styles because they are a smaller area that you don't spend a lot of time in.

Wallpaper can express more in one item than a whole gallery wall. Choose a pattern or design that best suits your room, theme, color palette, and personality. Limitless Walls provides you with removable wallpaper that can be removed and applied easily.

wallpapered ceilings in a condo bedroom

Condo design can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be with these tips and tricks. It only takes simple, practical guidelines to make your home look utterly luxurious.

Wallpaper can express more in one item than a whole gallery wall. Choose a pattern or design that best suits your room, theme, color palette, and personality. Limitless Walls provides you with removable wallpaper that can be removed and applied easily.

Removable Wall Murals

One of our favorite condo interior decorating ideas gets the first spot on our list today - a removable wall mural. Unlike paint, a removable mural is easy to install and even easier to remove, a perfect feature for apartment renters worldwide. With stunning, high-quality print options and images available, you can transform any room in your house into a beach oasis, jungle retreat, or perfectly darling nursery.bedroom with nature themed wall murals on all four walls


A smart condo interior design idea for apartments is to decorate with curves. Curvy couches, circular mirrors, and robust armchairs can give an illusion that there is more space in the room than there is. Unlike squared off pieces, curved ones take up less space. Curvy sofas show more of a wall than rectangular ones.large oval wall mirror as an accent


Lucite table and chairs are a great condo interior decorating idea. Glass tops and lucite pieces give an impression of open spaces and deliver the function you need. Unlike dark wood or large shelves, lucite options will make guests believe that you even have less furniture and more in the room than you do!

Floating Shelves

Another home décor trend is floating shelves, and they are great for an apartment. Floating shelves are great because they have less bulk than regular shelves and therefore take up less space. They add a lot of storage space but look sleek and contemporary. Use them in the kitchen or living room, especially in apartments with few storage closets.

cool floating shelves on walls

Retro Bathrooms

People have tired of the dull porcelain and the marble bathroom look and tried to find ways to bring color back into their bathrooms. Pretty pastel tiles, blush pinks and pale greens that reach about halfway up the wall, surrounding your sink, tub, and toilet. These retro bathrooms have made a huge comeback. bathroom with faux brick backsplash and pastel medicine cabinet

Funky Wallpapers

Funky geometric wallpapers are a spunky way to make your rooms pop and stand out from the rest. With a ton of options out there, you can find a great funky wallpaper that is different from the typical patterns you see. Pick a removable wallpaper; this way, if you ever get bored or tired of the design or colors, you can switch it out for a new fun pattern. Alternatively, change them up every season!

Restless Wanderer Themes

Whether you are an adventurer or a hopeless romantic, picking wanderer or travel room decor theme is a fun way to decorate any apartment. Choose a map of the world for a living room or study area, or perhaps select a mountain scene of your favorite hikes. Pieces you've picked up on your travels also is a personal style. If you have a great photo from your trip that you took yourself, we'd love to help you turn it into a full-size mural! Contact us, and we can get you started. darker room with quirky wall decorations including a bicycle

Forest Playgrounds

A wonderful way to decorate an apartment is to go with a stunning photo mural like a forest scene. A wall mural like this can go with just about any room décor; pick a dark and moody forest image and then pair it with luxurious mahogany furniture, a velvet couch, and other warm and rich pieces. Or, you could pick a black and white forest scene and use light-colored woods like pine to decorate with. Bring in color into the room with throw pillows and blankets and other knick-knacks or vases full of flowers.

forest wallpaper

Explore Mural Options for your Condo!

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