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16 Kid's Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

16 Kid's Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

We are so excited about these fun and creative kid's room wallpaper ideas. We've picked out our favorite wallpaper, murals, and decals so your kid will love their bedroom even more than ever! While we are in charge of all of our own home decor, from the kitchen to the living room, finding decor for a kid's bedroom is a much more collaborative process! Our collection of removable wallpaper and peel and stick wall murals give you the flexibility to run wild and indulge all your most imaginative decor ideas!

French Riviera

Pick out a pretty mural of the fancy city of Paris (or any other city you love!) For any posh girl or boy out there; you can give them a classy looking room with a fun and iconic wall mural. Our murals can cover one wall or span across all four walls to give the entire room a full theme. Finish this fun theme with a four-poster bed, or an iron headboard and footboard. Match the laps and nightstand to the colors in the mural. Also, match the bedding. If you have any animals in the mural, you can match stuffed animals or mobiles throughout the room.

English Garden

Why not bring the beauty of the outdoors in with a lovely mural of an English garden? With the soft blues and other colors, you can transform any girl's or boy's room into a peaceful oasis with just a few easy installation steps. This mural is so beautiful and quaint, and it can help a child's imagination open when they're playing in their bedroom. Pair this children's wallpaper with floral bedding and sweet mobiles. There are countless image options to pick from to get just the right mural for your child.


For any would-be astronaut or space lover, we have the perfect murals! They are so easy to install and make a room stand out. You can install this children's wallpaper on one wall as a focus, or if you want, completely transform the room so that you feel like you are walking into your very own space odyssey. This is one of our favorite kid's wall art ideas. You can decorate the rest of the room with a star-studded comforter, planet mobile, and posters of rockets and some of the world's most famous astronauts.


Wall stickers for bedrooms are a hot new trend. These would also be great for the college-bound, especially with the strict rules for wallcoverings that dorms have. They don't cover an entire wall and can be put up in quickly and taken down just as easily. These wall art ideas for ideas are great for anyone renting or leasing a space, but even better for young children who may change their likes and interests as quickly as they grow. You can switch out these wall decals any time you want, with the season, when they change their favorite color, or when they suddenly decide they're too old for fairies. You can put up these wall decals on every section of the kid's room, creating a pattern, or create an accent wall with hanging the decals up on just one wall.

Vintagekids wall art ideas

One stunning child's room wall art idea is to create an accent wall with a lovely vintage wall mural. This one below is so quaint and charming and instills so much nostalgia in us. A mural of the wonderful world of Beatrix Potter is such a stunning way to decorate a nursery or kids' room. Bring their favorite stories alive with a sweet vintage wall mural of their favorite book or characters. Alternatively, go for a pattern of vintage puppies or dogs. Find a retro pattern like records or another fun pattern. You can then decorate the whole room around the design and have a fun themed bedroom.

Princess Fairytalemural-of-the-day-july14th

This interior design theme will never get old for any sweet little one. A wall mural of a castle or pretty princess can transform any bedroom into a fairytale land. Give your child the gift of their dreams coming true so they can wake up as a princess themselves next to their very own castle. It will be easy to decorate your room around this theme, place sweet treasures on shelves like homemade crowns. Hang costume jewelry on hooks on the wall and make sure there is a tutu hanging from the bed poster.

Sports FanMural-Of-The-Day-Aug13

You'll love this wall art idea so much you may want to steal it for your own room, or you'll probably never leave your kid's room. Wall murals of fascinating sports moments, a stadium, or just wall decals of their favorite athlete are such an exciting way to decorate any child's bedroom. Let your child search through our library of sports murals and decals so they can find something they love, then help them install it. Our 4-steps installation process is so easy; you can even have your kids help!


You can put up a wall mural of an exotic land far away. These murals will spark your child to dream big and want to explore, instilling a desire to learn more about the world around them. Where is the photo from that covers their whole room? Give your child something truly amazing to think and learn about each day with an exotic mural.

Zoo Printlion sitting majestically on rock in a zoo

This hip and modern approach to our beloved animals is a perfect wallpaper for any kids' bedroom. A print of zoo animals is such a great idea for kids, because who doesn't love going to the zoo? Now you can bring the zoo home and let your kids enjoy learning and exploring every day! We love this print because the two-colored approach allows you to decorate the rest of the room with fun colors and won't limit your options.


We are still so obsessed with this cacti wallpaper. One of the best kids wallpaper options, this cactus print wallpaper is something to fall in love with. Put it up in a kid's room or a nursery, and you can instantly create a gender-neutral space for an expectant baby or a kid whose favorite color is green. Decorate the rest of the room with shelves of succulents or bring in fun colored pillows and blankets. Make sure to use colors that complement the soft and deep greens of the cactus. Also would be great in a dorm room with some live succulents.


This farmyard wallpaper is just the ticket for a playroom or nursery. You can create a fun and entertaining space for your child by putting up this cool kids' wallpaper. Set it up around a door, so your kids feel like they're entering the barn from the hallway, helping their imaginations soar. Set this up in a playroom and then add fun games and toys centered around a farm or barnyard theme.


Whether you have a little girl or little boy who loves airplanes or airplane toys, have we got the wallpaper for you. This fun kids wallpaper can be perfect for any child who has set their heights on the skies. With beautiful tones of blue, you can make an ideal getaway for your kid right in their room. Install this mural on one wall to create an accent wall or stretch it across the full room to give a complete experience to anyone who enters.

Musicbedroom with guitar sepia wall mural

A great idea for teens, tweens, or your littles, a wallpaper or wall mural with a musical instrument or music-themed wallpaper is such a fun and cool design for decorating any kids' room. Help them highlight their passion or hobby with a wallpaper or wall mural of an instrument they play, like this guitar. If you can't find something you like, take a picture of your child's actual instrument and then turn it into a custom wall mural—a personal touch.


If you have a kid who plays sports at school or in a club, this kind of wallpaper or wall mural is the perfect thing for their room. Take an image of their favorite athlete or a specific moment in a game and transform it into a mural. This cool kids wallpaper idea is such a fun thing for any kid who loves sports. You could even find wallpaper with their favorite teams' logo or create a wall decal of their favorite athlete to place in the center of the room. Here are some great sports theme ideas!

Surfingman turning on a surfboard

One of our favorite cool kids' wallpapers combines the beauty of nature with one of the coolest sports - surfing! You can create a nautical or beach themed room with a surfing wallpaper or wall mural. With stunning views of the ocean and its waves, you can get a fabulous wallpaper up in your kid's room and let them experience its beauty every day. The stunning blues will be a great thing to wake up to every morning.

Mapskids room world map custom wall mural

Give your child the desire to travel with this fun wall mural. Maps aren't just for the schoolroom anymore. With this kids' room decoration, you can help your child learn basic geography while also instilling them that wonderful desire to travel the world. You can turn the whole room into a themed adventure - a teepee, stuffed animals, and more are great finishing touches for your little adventurer.

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