Mural Designs Featuring Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year

Mural Designs Featuring Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year

Designs Featuring Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year—Classic Blue

The brilliant team of color geniuses and theorists at Pantone have determined this year's color of the year: Classic Blue. Pantone writes regarding classic blue: "A boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky, Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking, challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective, and open the flow of communication." You can explore past Pantone Color of the Year winners here, including Living Coral, Tangerine Tango, Turquoise, and more!

We here at Limitless Walls have examined our vast collection of images to bring you our ten favorite, Classic-Blue-infused murals! While we hope they can "challenge you to think more deeply, increase your perspective, and open your flow of communication," we can guarantee they'll look great on your wall! And without further ado: our list!

Nature and Travel

Classic Blue is difficult to find in the wild. However, in the early stages of the evening, after the sun has set, there is, in the right conditions, a 15-30 minute period called "the blue hour" where Classic Blue is plainly and gorgeously visible in the night sky.

1. Death Valley

Take, for example, this picture of Death Valley. Death Valley, located in California, is the hottest, lowest, and most inhospitable place in the United States. Because of the heat and the lack of urban light pollution, visitors are able to see stunning sunsets and a genuinely transcendent blue hour period before being able to stare into the endless, infinite depths of space.

Moonrise in a clear blue sky over the golden dunes of Death Valley

2. Sunny Tropical Beach

Certainly a change of scenery from Death Valley! Tropical islands are renowned for the blueness of their skies, drifting from a light sky blue to a darker classic blue as the sun sets. The sky, contrasted with the crystal water, white sandy beach, and greenery (another Pantone color of the year!), creates the perfect place to relax, meditate, and get in touch with yourself.

Tropical beach with crystal waters, blue sky, white sand, and green jungle.

3. Dark Windy Beach

The opposite side of the coin from the beach above. While that beach represents peaceful relaxation, this windy, wavy, dark beach challenges us to think and meditate, even amid the constant, continual ups and downs of life.

dark, stormy sea with turbulent waves sliding up and down the sandy shore

4. Zen Stacked Stones

The nature behind stacking stones is quite profound and meditative. No stones are naturally alike, and the time spent creating one of these stone stacks is indicative of a person's peace, patience, and inner zen. The Classic Blue tones only enhance the reflect aspects of this wall mural.

six smooth stones stacked on top of each other, filtered blue

5. Classic Car

This car really puts the blue in Classic Blue! Even in the midst of these gorgeous, sunny, pastel-toned homes, this classic blue vintage vehicle sticks out more than anything else on the streets of Havana!

a blue classic car on a pastel-house-lined street in the caribbean

Fine Art

Before the development of synthetic paints, blue pigments were highly prized by painters, and were also extremely expensive, meaning that the color was rarely used. Even after the advent of synthetic dyes, certain blue tones are used to great effect and contain intrinsic visual power.

6. Van Gogh's Starry Night

Nowhere else is blue used to such effect as Van Gogh's Starry Night. The sky contains royal blue, classic blue, and teal shades that swirl and mix with the stars in Van Gogh's post-impressionist style, creating a breathtaking, boundless sky.

7. Seated Woman - Juan Gris

Cubism as an art form was all about deconstruction of traditional form and perspective. While Gris certainly demolishes those notions in this mural, a right trapezoid of classic blue in the center of the humanoid figure provides a sense of unity among the various forms and perspectives.

Abstract and Geometric Patterns

8. Blue Drawn Rock Assortment

This simple mural combines drawn rock shapes of various blue shades on an extremely dark blue background. A wall mural like this would bring the right mix of tranquility, reflection, and fun to more commercial spaces, like a waiting room!

dozens of rock-shaped ovals, colored various shades of blue, on a very dark blue background

9. Geometric Architectural Forms

Your vantage point in this image is from the ground to the ceiling, marveling at the masterful shades of blue, which are filtered through the glass-and-steel geometric shapes. Various shades of blue triangles, trapezoids, and rectangles, seemingly scattered at random, meet in the center of the mural, creating a perfect square around a sky-blue-grey oculus.

glass-and-metal geometric forms which exude various shades of blue

10. Carefully Arranged Rocks

Classic Blue enhances the order and symmetry of this mural. Symmetrical images like this, which are enhanced by the timeless nature of Classic Blue, make phenomenal wall art for any space! The luster and sheen of the objects in question also add to this image's aesthetically-pleasing nature.


This year's Color of the Year pick is an enduring, timeless color that adds a classic, meditative, noticeable quality to every palette. Bring Classic Blue into your own space with a nature or patterned wall mural, keep up with the trends, and add something meaningful to your space!

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