New Category Roundup May 2020

New Category Roundup May 2020

New Category Roundup May 2020

Since the start of the month, Limitless Walls has curated four different categories for our customers to explore! Carefully curated by sales and popularity, each of the four categories is very popular with customers. The four categories are: Italy, 3D, Butterflies, and Dinosaurs—go straight to the page or explore our image tasters below! Clicking on any of the pictures below will take you straight to that product in a new tab.

Italy Wall Murals

Italy was one of the most popular searches on the site, so we collected all of the best images into one curated category! We've got all of the Italian landmarks and landscapes you could possibly want—everything from the Colosseum, to Tuscan landscapes, to small churches in a small town that have a real pastoral vibe. Of course, we had to include shots of the iconic Florence skyline and Venetian Grande Canal in our category: click here to check it out!

the roman colosseum at sunrise

The Roman Colosseum shines at sunrise, with the sun illuminating the pillars and the square in front.

Gondolas sail on the waters of Venice's Grande Canal, while the iconic Rialto Bridge sits firmly in the center of the image.

The rolling hills and golden fields in the landscapes of Tuscany, like the one shown in this mural, are one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Try incorporating this into your kitchen!

3D Wall Murals

These murals will help you add some depth to your space! Tunnels, bridges, and other images that play with linear perspective give the appearance of enlargening a room—plus you can use them to show off your personality! A sophisticated urbanite? Try a black and white image of a New York City bridge. A real off-the-beaten-path adventurer? Our 3D style murals that feature a path between the California redwoods might be more up your alley.

The cast-iron arches and girders of this New York City bridge create an image that would be a chic accoutrement to any apartment. The black and white helps too!

The wooden interior of the bridge evokes a pastoral, rural scene. Light at the end of the tunnel adds brightness and joy to this mural!

(Furniture not included) The neon colors and foggy glow of this mural create an image that's simultaneously retro and futuristic. Perfect for artsy spaces.

Dinosaur Wall Murals

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? From an early age to adulthood, these ancient creatures have captured our imagination. Every time we go to a natural history museum or see a blockbuster like Jurassic Park, we're reminded of the splendor of these creatures. Our dinosaur wall mural collection has everything from nursery friendly dino wallpaper to fiery realistic scenes!

This scene is a recreation of a scene which could have occurred millions of years ago—a trio of brachiosauri drink out of a pool while pterosaurs fly amongst the rock features.

A hand-drawn cartoon featuring dinosaurs of all types living in harmony in a forest. Perfect for a home with children!

This dino mural would be great for a kid's bedroom! The dinosaurs are bright and friendly, which will spark their imagination without being scary!

Butterfly Wall Murals

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Through their metamorphosis and migration, they not only inspire us visually but spiritually as well. Perhaps you want a closeup of a gorgeous blue butterfly in your spa to make it more relaxing, or maybe you want an iconic picture of the Monarch butterfly migration to add some light and joy into your space. Regardless of your tastes and purchases, our collection will have something for you.

A calming scene with gorgeous blue and pink tones throughout. The butterflies fly from flower to flower while the bokeh background adds some texture to the image.

Pink, purple, and blue butterfly wallpaper that would work well with any space! Because of its minimalist style, it is a versatile design while sparking peace and joy.

A caterpillar's change into a butterfly during metamorphosis is one of the most impressive feats of nature. This mural brings some brightness into a space and will also inspire us!

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