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New Release! Wine Cellar Wall Mural Collection | Limitless Walls

We are so excited to share our new collection with you: Wine Cellar Murals!

Our new collection holds a vast array of stunning images from wine cellars themselves to vineyard landscapes. Each of our wine cellar art murals has been carefully picked by our team to give you high-quality, high-resolution images that will be printed on top-notch materials, giving you a crisp and clear image to hang wherever you wish.

wine cellar murals

If you are looking for a new piece for your actual wine cellar, a dining room, kitchen, or restaurant, we guarantee that you will be able to find an image that you are happy with. We have over 700 images that include styled shoots, flat lays, wine-making, and even people enjoying wine. So whatever your needs, we have you covered. And if you cannot find something that works for your space, let us know what you are looking for and your dimensions and we can help you find the right one!

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Our new wine cellar murals collection comes after several requests for images like this. With the high demand, we decided to give our customers their very own library of wine cellar wall murals. Rather than just a few pieces, we have hundreds for you to pick from, all collected into one convenient location for you to search and look through to find your perfect wine cellar wall mural.

To order your very own wine cellar wall mural, head over to or click on this link here. Once you find the best image for you, you can select from our default sizes of small, medium, or large. If those do not work, select "custom size" and enter the width and height of the wall or walls you wish to cover your space in.

Next, you will need to select what material you wish to have your wine cellar art murals printed on. We have five different options to choose from: standard fabric, non-adhesive paper, non-adhesive vinyl, premium canvas, or non-adhesive canvas. Each of these comes with their own pros, which a member of our team would be happy to chat with you about. If you are still unsure of which material to go with, we can send you a sample of each type so you can get a literal feel of the fabric.

wine and grapes

After you have selected your material, you can choose from our add-on options like a protective top coat, or to have the image turned into a black and white mural. Do not forget to select the box about whether or not your wine cellar mural will cover the entire wall. This lets us know that we need to extend the image by an extra inch to make sure you can align it properly and trim it on the edges.

Now you can add your new wine cellar mural to the cart and pay!

All of our self-adhesive murals are reusable, which gives them an added bonus. So if you move, or change your mind about your space, you can remove it, store it, and then reinstall it wherever you wish. Just make sure to go slowly when you are removing the mural so you do not rip or tear it. You can check out our steps on how to remove a wall mural here.

Our installation process is just as easy. In fact, you can install a full wine cellar mural in no more than four steps! We suggest that you grab a friend as an extra pair of hands helps the process. The best way to guarantee that your new wine cellar mural goes up smoothly and quickly and to make sure it will not ever fall down is to clean and wipe down your wall or window before installation. Use a mild soap and wring out your rag to make sure it is only slightly damp. Then wipe down the wall or window. If there are any switch plates or outlets, that you remove these. Also, be sure to fill any holes in with spackle and sand down any bumpy or unsmooth surfaces.

Your mural can be installed over a textured wall, so do not worry about that! Make sure you pick a material that is thick and a darker pattern so that it can hide the uneven surfaces of the wall underneath. If you are worried about whether or not your mural will hang well on your wall, feel free to call one of our representatives and give them the details of your space and they can help you find the right material for your mural.

If your mural is going to be installed in a damp space like a basement or actual cellar, we suggest getting one of our top coats added to your order to make sure moisture does not get underneath your mural.

Getting your hands on one of our stunning wine cellar murals is truly easier than you think and you could have one hanging in your house or office in no time at all! Hop over to our new collection today to find your new favorite mural and transform your room in no time!

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