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Top 10 Wall Mural and Wall Texture Ideas

How to Design My Interior

Sometimes, we get tired of a room's décor, and changing it can bring a sense of renewal and rejuvenation to you and the space. Deciding to change a space is a great feeling, but deciding what to change it to is a much more difficult question. The purpose and existing layout of a room can affect what sorts of renovations you can or should do.

For example, you have to be careful when deciding or designing what to put on your living room wall. While you might enjoy a design the first time you see it, be mindful of the fact that you will look at it day-in and day-out in the future! The same goes for your kitchen. Blaring colors or dizzying patterns can get old and even annoying with time. If your room already has a theme or defined ambiance, lots of the work is already cut out for you. Find something that complements the color scheme or theme. Be sure to pick matching colors or ones that are complementary.

Textured walls are a unique décor option, turning a wall from something you hang other things onto to a statement piece in and of itself. Here are some fashionable and trendy wall texture options.

Interior Wall Design With Wall Murals

When first starting to design your mural, it's essential to know some specifics. First, start by surveying the room in which you are going to install the mural. Where do you want it? Did you know that you can put a removable wall mural on your ceiling? Do you want the mural to span the whole room, or would you rather it be a statement wall? Once you've determined which wall you are going to install the mural on, you need to measure the exact length and width of the wall. If the wall has a window, you need to take this into account, especially if you want to use a picture instead of wallpaper as your mural. With a photo, you'll want to window to sit in a spot that won't ruin the entire scene, but we'll address that later.

After measuring your wall, check for any flaws or things that might make installing a vinyl wall mural difficult. At Limitless Walls, we manufacture each of our murals to be able to adhere perfectly to any wall, smooth or textured? However, while we designed our murals to apply easily to all walls, even textured walls, applying a mural to a highly textured wall increases the chances of wall damage and a painful removal process. We recommend smoothing out a wall as much as possible before putting up any variety of wallcovering.

While textures are “in” at the moment, you may want something a little more patterned, a little more colorful. Here are some of our favorite design ideas:


For something jazzy, installing a top-of-the-line interior design wall mural is a great decor option. Interior design murals don't have to be an actual image; they can be panels of a pattern to transform. Whether you like a modern or retro feel, find a colorful, geometric mural. Bauhaus-influenced geometrics bring a sense of simplicity and boldness to the walls. kid's bedroom with multicolored triangular geometric wallpaper

Touch of Nature

Adding nature into your home is an elegant way to decorate. Whether you want a stunning mountain vista, a waterfall, flowers, or anything else, a nature mural brings a sense of joy and relaxation to any room. You can pair these colorful murals with simple, neutral pieces that are black and white or otherwise minimal. Keep the mural as your focus, and don't pick textiles that clash with it.forest wallpaper


For a little twist, pick a modern wallpaper design. Like this one featured here, you can transform any room into a stunning modern specialty. Black with touches of gold, any room can become a classy fixture in your home with this. Pair it with minimalist designed furniture for an optimal modern look. Alternatively, go bold with mid-century furniture--this kind of interior wall design is perfect for a living room or study.

Faux Tile

If you've ever tried to install tile yourself or had it done, you know that it can be time consuming and expensive. However, it's a stunning look! So rather than take the time or spend the arm and a leg on tiling a backsplash or bathroom, instead, install an interior design wallpaper with faux tile. There are removable wallpapers that have a tile pattern on them so that you can quickly and easily install a stunning backsplash in any room in your house. With just four easy installation steps, you can have that hot and trending look in your home for a fraction of the cost in no time at all! multicolored tile wallpaper


The loveliness of floral wallpapers never gets old. With larger-than-life colors and close-up views, you can transform your bathroom, bedroom, nursery, ANY room in your house into a garden. Bringing nature into your home through interior design wall decoration is a beautiful way to transform any home. Pick a wallpaper with black and white floral patterns and then bring the color in with textiles. A velvet, emerald green sofa, mustard throw pillows. Alternatively, pick a subtly colored floral wallpaper for a bathroom for a charming Victorian powder room. Brass and copper are options for accenting a room with a floral wall mural.

Wood Paneling

Another interior wall design idea is bringing back wood paneling on walls. Instead, skip the hammer and nails and go with a more accessible option - wallpaper panels! You can get the look of wood paneling without the actual wood! These interior design wall panels are printed with the look of wood panels to give your home a beautiful and rustic look.dark textured wood paneling


Whether it's horizontal stripes, vertical or a chevron pattern, stripes are always a smart option for decorating your home or office. The great thing about stripes is that they are a pattern that never goes out of style. You can install a simple pattern and change everything else in the room multiple times. Alternatively, get removable wallpaper so that if you ever want to change out the colors or pattern, you can without damaging the wall underneath. If you choose a colored, vibrant stripe pattern, use neutral-colored furniture in the rest of the room so that the pattern draws guests' eyes towards your walls.well-lit room with pastel chair and green-white striped wallpaper on accent wall

Map Wallpaper

Install a map with wallpaper or as a removable wall mural. Great for adventurous types! Find a vintage world map or even a subway map of Chicago to put on your wall. We also can print any picture into custom wallpaper; you can create a one-of-a-kind wall mural without the paint and hassle. If you find a map or design that you love, contact us, and we can help you put what you want on your walls! Plus, we have more colorful education murals that would be great as an accent wall in a child's bedroom with full accent wall map

Fine Art Mural

Another stunning option for a unique wall mural is to pick one of your favorite paintings and turn it into a mural. This technique is one of the easiest and quickest ways to turn any room into your very own Louvre. Plus, you don't need to worry about paint or brushes or even hours of work. You can use your favorite Monet or Leonardo piece as decor, or you can use one of your own pieces for a real personal statement. Furthermore, Limitless Walls has a proprietary, high-quality canvas material (thickest in the industry). This material is fantastic for fine art or other high-end presentations.

Bright Wall Hangings

Think about a family quilt that your grandmother, great-grandmother, or even older sewed. It added a lot of personality and history to a room, becoming a discussion piece. Similarly, bright wall hangings are one of our favorite interior wall design ideas. They can bring in that texture and depth of a quality quilt while allowing for more control over color and design. One of the best approaches to finding a unique wall hanging is to look for one when you are out on your travels.

Alternatively, if you don't travel often, you can find a piece that has some history to it at a garage sale or flea market. Hang one large piece or a couple of small ones of the same size.


Most homes today have solid painted or wallpapered walls, but the trend of adding three-dimensional elements and texture to walls is on the rise. Although we typically do not touch our walls, having textured walls can bring a sense of warmth and ruggedness to a room.


Plaster finishes on walls are the most subtle, as it can look a lot like paint with just a little more dimension. The tiny shadows brought on by the gentle dips and curves of the plaster are enough to add a bit of texture without being overbearing or expensive. While traditionally, a plaster wall engraving is subtle, many people are opting for a more dramatic finish. man making relief carvings of trees out of plaster on the wall

For the more artistically inclined, plaster is a fantastic medium for beautifully raised textured wall art. The possibilities are endless of what can be conveyed using this method: cityscapes, landscapes, flowers, portraits, and more. Although painting or stenciling images onto plaster is one of the more difficult ways to add texture, it also gives one of the most personalized and artistic looks. Plaster-textured walls are a statement design and would work best in a living room or the space where you do most of your entertaining.


Wood is a lovely organic finish that can fit into any style of home. There are many different kinds of wood and wood options on the market. Rustic homes could find a distressed and discolored recycled wood while a traditional home might opt for a polished cherry or mahogany. Bringing your wood flooring up from the floor and continuing to cover a wall can make the room feel longer and tremendously more interesting! bedroom with wood finish accent wallpaper


Clean, smooth, and polished metal walls can be an impressive feature in a modern space, providing a sense of business and speed. Polished metal creates a dramatic, intense look for the space. For businesses, metal walls are a chic counterpoint in an ample, open space with lots of windows. Additionally, laser-cut metal paneling would be a unique, customized, stylish addition to a modern home.


Bringing exterior elements indoors, such as brick, can be a great feature in any room. The texture and unpolished appeal of this feature can be precisely what a space needs to make it feel complete. It can fit in with nearly any style and looks fantastic when paired with modern or traditional decor. If the stones are gray and distressed, it can bring an old-world feeling to the space, such as an old castle wall. Otherwise, you can use brown or bluish stones can for a more rustic or modern design.multicolored marble mural on a hallway wall

A more outside-of-the-box idea would be a marble feature wall, or, for that matter, any feature wall made from natural stone material. Marble works as a luxurious finish that is sure to create both fantastic reflections and opulence. While it is on the pricier side, the extravagant look brought by a slab of polished stone can be well worth the money. White marble is likely the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to marble decor, but there are a vast number of options. Malachite, onyx, blue pearl granite, among others, all have their own set of visual and textural properties.

Mosaic illustrations also are unique wall décor, with their scattered tactile surface for colors and illustrations. Mosaic wall pieces are a high-personality focus piece for a room and a great for being a centerpiece of an otherwise drab room. However, mosaic walls are one of the more extensive, expensive, and time-consuming ways to gain wall texture, if you create one from scratch.


Fabric feature walls, although seen relatively rarely, are on the rise in upscale homes and establishments. Often, fabric stretched over cushioned paneling is used to achieve soundproofing or better quality acoustics. It also adds a soft texture to the room and can be very cozy. Like the design of some headboards, a full wall tufted fabric and buttons is a stylish choice--an extravagant and classic look. Tufted walls also provide soundproofing and better acoustics, making them ideal for home theaters, offices, or bedrooms.draped fabric behind a bed

Draped fabric (picture the curtains from an old four-poster bed) is another lavish wall texture. They bring an intimate feeling to a room, making the room feel more private and secure. As such, they tend to make rooms feel smaller, working best in bedrooms where one might desire such a cozy and intimate environment.

Concrete and Exposed Brick

One recent trend in interior decorating ideas for walls has been to go "au naturale" in a sense. Rather than cover up beautiful original woodwork or concrete walls, concrete walls can give a room a sleek and classic ambiance. Similar to concrete, exposed brick is a long-time interior wall trend that is seeing an upswing in recent years. Whether you've been showing off those gorgeous walls for years or just recently, exposed brick is a stunning and excellent complement for modern, open spaces.distressed concrete accent wall in an office


A truly versatile and useful interior wall design idea is the chalkboard. A more modern interior wall design idea, the chalkboard has become a fixture in many homes. You can use it in a nursery or playroom as a space to foster creativity or in a kitchen or home office for to-do and grocery lists, or project ideas.

Wallpaper and Paint

Some wallpapers offer options with three-dimensional elements. They can be subtly-textured wall coverings to thickly grooved wallpapers with highly raised patterns. As you can also texture paint too! Paint can be textured in a variety of ways with a variety of paints. Check out this link to fully explore your textured paint options.

Unable to Texture a Wall? We Can Help!

Texturing a wall is a difficult task, which can sometimes involve knocking out an entire wall. If you love the look of a textured wall, or you have your mind set on other designs, like nature or fine art, we here at Limitless Walls can help. We can help even if you want to use one of your designs!

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