Recipe Mural FAQs

Recipe Mural FAQs

Recipe Mural FAQs

Images of recipe wall murals have been making their way around the internet, and we get a lot of curious customers asking about how they, too can have their very own wall mural! Here are some tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions to get you on your way.

How Do I Turn My Recipe into a Digital File?

kitchen wall decorated with old family recipe wall mural

Recipe Wall Mural Courtesy of Stan Shelton

By scanning it!

Our custom murals are very large images made from very small images. Dots per inch (DPI) are the physical equivalent of digital pixels per inch (PPI), traditionally used in reference to printing and printing quality. You may see both terms used interchangeably.

Since we are scanning in a physical recipe, we are dealing with DPI. To blow up the mural, we need an image scanned at a MINIMUM of 300 DPI, with higher numbers preferred. Scan your photo IN COLOR.

Once you’re ready to upload your image, go to our custom mural page.

How Do I Scan the Image?

Most newer home scanners will be able to scan at at least 300 DPI. Figure out the brand and make of your scanner and do a Google search to ensure you can scan over 300 DPI. Follow the scanner software instructions to digitize your recipe. If you would like LimitLess Walls to scan the recipe, send your recipe card to us at 1616 Mountainview Road, King, NC 27021. Before you send out your card make sure you take a picture of it just in case the delivery service loses the package.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Have 300 DPI Scanner on Hand?

If you do not have a scanner on hand (or your scanner does not print at 300 DPI or above), you have two options. First, a FedEx Kinkos or other print shop will have a quality scanner. They will be able to scan your recipe and send you a high-quality, high-resolution file. You may need to bring a flash (USB) drive.

Second, some smartphones or iPhones have a good enough camera for us to use! Position your recipe so you are able to take a top-down photo of it, without glare or shadow.

It can’t hurt to send us both!

a wall mural of an old family recipe

Recipe Mural Courtesy of Ashley Kelly

Why Do I Need to Scan My Recipe in Color?

Even if a recipe is written out on black pen and paper, our software can detect subtle differences in a color scan. If a recipe is scanned in black and white, our software cannot detect the subtleties, and it will be much more difficult for our design team to touch up your recipe so that it looks good on your wall!

What Do I Do If My Recipe Has Faded?

Some old recipes fade! If you’ve scanned the image, and you notice the text is faint, fill the words with a pen in a matching color. If your recipe was written on lined paper, do NOT fill in those lines. Rescan.

I’m On the Custom Mural Page, But I Have More Requirements!

If you have any unique specifications, requirements, or ideas, put them in the comment box before you submit them. We promise we read them! For example, if you want us to remove the lines from lined paper or a lined notecard, or if you want us to omit certain parts of the text or the recipe, we can do that too! Just let us know.

dining room wall decorated with wall mural of old recipe

Recipe Wall Mural Photo Courtesy of Robin Russell

NOTE: We may charge an art fee of $25-$80 for certain changes. The better the image we receive (a high-DPI scan, in color, with faint text filled in), the less likely it is we would need to charge an art fee.

I Want My Recipe Mural Background to Match My Wall!

Generally, our recipe murals are black text on a white background. If you want the text color or background color to be changed, send us the Pantone color code for your specific look! Great if you want to match it more closely to the surrounding wall.

There are many different layouts for kitchens—doors, dropped ceilings, vents, open layouts—but you don’t need to let that affect your purchase! If it’s going on an irregular wall, send us pictures and dimensions, and we’ll be able to format your recipe mural to your specifications!

How Much Will It Cost?

We split our pricing into two levels—one for smaller murals and one for larger murals. There is no difference in cost between different images, only between different materials.

NOTE: We are nearly always running sales, so prices may likely be lower than square-footage costs calculated here.

For murals LARGER than 35 square feet (cost per square foot)

  • Peel-and-stick fabric - $7.99
  • Paste-required vinyl (normal and embossed) - $8.25
  • Prepasted paper - $7
  • Peel-and-stick canvas - $10
  • No-adhesive, paste-required canvas - $9

For murals SMALLER than 35 square feet (cost per square foot)

  • Peel-and-stick fabric - $10
  • Paste-required vinyl (normal and embossed) - $10
  • Prepasted paper - $10
  • Peel-and-stick canvas - $13
  • No-adhesive, paste-required canvas - $12

When Will I Get My Mural?

Since we print all of our murals on-demand, each order will take 4-6 business days to process and print. We offer free ground shipping, which will take 1-6 days, depending on your proximity to our facility in King, North Carolina.

Contact us with more questions or information!

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