Sports Wallpaper and Wall Mural Decor Ideas

Sports Wallpaper and Wall Mural Decor Ideas

Sports Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Sports are an important part of life for people around the world, whether you jog on occasion, are a professional athlete, or a professional armchair coach. One of these sports wallpaper murals will be just what you need to enhance your space, solidify your theme, and take your inspiration to the next level!

Football Wallpaper

The entire experience of attending a football game from the tailgating to the camaraderie, to getting the win, makes for something entirely memorable! This image of a stadium is sure to bring back great memories of your time! Find a shot of a stadium from your favorite team to use as a wall mural! These would look great in a "man cave" or football den.aerial shot of heinz field in pittsburgh

This mural is great for younger kids playing Pop Warner or youth football! For offensive players, making a kind of catch like this is a dream come true. Inspire them and let them follow their dreams from high school to college to the NFL!player in blue and white making a diving football catch

It's time for the big game! This night-time stadium wall mural will inspire them to reach new levels and continue to practice. You can hear the roar of the crowd and the flashing of lights!

Baseball Wallpaper

Fenway Park is one of the most iconic places in all of baseball history! Over a hundred years old, the Boston Red Sox play in the oldest ballpark in the entire country, famous for its Green Monster, a 37-foot high barrier on the left-field fence—the bane of many a hitter!
shot of fenway park field at dusk
The series is on the line, there are two outs, and you're up to bat—this is your moment! Get your head into the game! This would be great for your kid's bedroom, especially if they're big baseball or softball lovers.
This artistic mural is a more unique and chic way to show off your love for baseball. With it's hand-drawn, urban feel, this mural would look great as an accent piece in a living room, bedroom, or trophy room.
hand drawn image of three baseballs on red and white background

Soccer Wallpaper

The Madrid Soccer Stadium is beautiful! This fisheye lens shot places you right in the crowd, ready to cheer for your favorite player against the big rival, Barcelona! Putting this as an accent wall in a bedroom will bring happiness to every soccer fan!fisheye lens shot from soccer stadium in madrid

How intense is this? For someone who loves playing and practicing soccer, these kinds of sports wallpaper show off the energy, intensity, and blood, sweat, and tears that have been spent playing the game.

It's a tied match in the final of a tournament. The score is tied. Overtime has already been played. All of the other penalty kick takers have gone. This one will decide the match. What will you do in the moment?

Basketball Wallpaper

For every good basketball player you see, there are hundreds if not thousands of hours of shots, dribble moves, and conditioning drills all done on the local park court. Invite your friends to the blacktop, and play a good-old-fashioned game of 21!blacktop with basketball hoop and brick backstop wall

This simple mural is a great addition to a young basketball player's room. Simply a close-up shot of a textured basketball, this mural will bring the basketball theme to the room without being distracting.close up shot of basketball with visible texture

Every basketball player dreams of being able to take that last-second shot, that game-winning buzzer-beater. Putting this in a bedroom or locker room will inspire players to work harder and get better, so they're able to get those shots.ball swishing through basketball hoop

Golf Wallpaper

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach is one of the most iconic signature holes at one of the most iconic courses in America! Often where the U.S. Open is played, this course is feared by golfers due to its difficulty from the wind and water from the Pacific Ocean but loved due to its stunning views of the water.aerial shot of pebble beach hole 18 by the water

The British Open is one of the four majors on the PGA Tour. While not always played at St. Andrew's Course, it's undoubtedly the most iconic location for The Open, and that's due to the Swilcan Bridge. This ancient bridge was built over 700 years ago for shepherds in the area, it is now used for players to cross from hole 18 to hole 1, and they always pose for a photo!swilcan bridge at st andrews golf course

This golf ball mural would look great for decor in a garage or pro shop at a golf course!

Tennis Wallpaper

This simple tennis mural would look great in a locker room or pro shop! The simple green of the grass court, the white lines, and the tennis ball all make for a simple and chic tennis decoration.

Running Wallpaper

This mural would be great for both the average jogger and a pro running shop! This mural shows the beauty of both running and nature, as well as acting as a metaphor for the new heights that running can take you to!

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