Teen's Room Wallpaper Ideas

Teen's Room Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper Ideas for a Teenager's Room

Once kids grow up into teenage-hood, they're often wanting to rearrange their room to suit their current tastes. Their new tastes are generally a bit more adult than their previous room decor—gone is the princess decor and twin bunk beds! Regardless of their tastes, here are seven different ideas and themes you can use as a springboard for their new decor!

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Teenager's Room Wall Art Ideas

1. New York City

There's something alluring about the "Big Apple," "The City That Never Sleeps" — New York City. It's continual hustle and bustle, culture, history, and size have captivated youth for decades. This particular mural is a chic image of the skyline, a greyscale capture of Manhattan from the Empire State Building to the Freedom Tower. If your teen is less interested in New York City, then perhaps Paris or London!

2. Minimalist Pastel Wallpaper

As a parent, you may be less likely to commit to massive decor changes, especially if you know that the room will soon be used by someone else. This ombre wallpaper is very in, style-wise, and its muted pastel tones ensure a longevity to the color scheme. It's simultaneously retro and modern! Check out more of our wallpapers here.

3. Graffiti

Graffiti is the perfect visual expression of youth culture. This style of painting is very high energy, perfect for the rock and roll subject of the mural below! If your teen is into music or the arts, this graffiti mural would be great decor for their room!

4. Chic Florals

While botanical wallpaper may seem a little TOO adult and old fashioned to your teen, the right image and the right color scheme might just work for them. This agave flower below is a perfect example of that—the artistic lines in this close-up shot mixed with the blue and pink pastel coloring are perfect for a bedroom.

5. Zebra Print

Zebra print, with its flowing black and white lines, is a chic, organic wallpaper that won't go out of style! Because of how wavy the lines are and the black/white coloring, this mural may be too much for the entire space. Think about using it as a tasteful accent wall!

6. Rock and Roll

Music legends have and will continue to inspire teenagers through the generations, and few are more inspiring than John Lennon of the Beatles! This pencil drawing is a classic, minimalist portrait of John Lennon, perfect for any space. Try this as either a mural or as a gallery wrap in a mini image gallery in your teen's space! Check out the portrait of another popular artist: David Bowie.

7. Sports

Sports are a tremendous teen's room wall art idea, as its a universal language that speaks to everyone of all ages around the world. This silhouette of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston is one of the all-time classic images in sports history. Can't find one you need? Upload your own!


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