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Top 10 Ideas for Educational Wallpaper

Top 10 Ideas for Educational Wallpaper

Check out these super awesome ideas for educational wallpaper and decals. Whether you're a teacher, professor, or work in childcare, these murals are a such a great way to decorate your space or classroom. We have options for every subject in school so you're sure to find something that fits your needs. This list includes wallpaper and wall murals that are removable and reusable. Why? Because we know that as teachers, your space may not be something you own or that space may change each year. Either way, we picked wall mural ideas that can be easily installed before the school year starts, and then can be taken down just as easily at the end of the year. Additionally, this education wallpaper won't damage the wall or paint underneath it so you won't have to worry about fixing anything or paying any fines. So check out these top 10 ideas for educational wall murals below!

Maps & Geography

playroom with full accent wall of a world map

Whether you teach geography as a class or if you want something for your students or kids to study while they play or sit in the classroom. Educational wallpaper like this is such a fantastic idea for any space as it may seem more like a decoration than learning. That way, your students will be learning about the geography of the world or country without even knowing it, just by staring at the wall. Plus, map wall decals can even give your students a desire to learn more about the world than they usually might!


architectural plans of a home with 3d rendering of building

A classy and neat way to decorate a room for an architecture course is to install an education wallpaper like this one. You can pick a digital rendering of your design, or select the blueprints of a famous building that every architectural student will recognize. Architectural educational wallpaper ideas like this can remind your students that details matter. Especially the small details that visitors may not see when they're at the building, but that are crucial to the design and complete structure of the building.

Grammar & English

woman with blackboard of english verb tenses

For our English teacher or English as a Second Language instructors, these kinds of education wall decals are great for your classroom space. These can be placed throughout the room so that when your students are writing essays and working on assignments. Pick an English grammar wallpaper that lists every transition word or preposition to help their juices flow, or use an instructional, educational wallpaper like the rules for how to change verb tenses.


blackboard with chemical formulas behind table with full beakers

A fun way to decorate a chemistry lab or classroom is to put up wallpaper with pertinent chemical formulas for your students to refer to. This wallpaper for classrooms can be fun to look at, is easy to install, and is multifunctional—use it for decoration and learning all at once! You can choose a mural idea like this one with the green chalkboard background as it works great to continue the classroom ambiance.


old school diagram of the ear and ear canal

Skip the typical anatomical wallpapers of the human skeleton and go for something like this older decal. This education wall decal is beautiful and stunning and can even be considered art, along with being educational. If you teach a specific medical course that focuses on one part of the body, get an education wallpaper that shows the anatomy of that particular system or organ. Alternatively, pick another sketch-like image like this one above from an older medical book (think more like a medical book from the 19th century). This is a great educational wallpaper idea as these kinds of sketches are used to decorate home offices in forms of art. So you know for sure that this wall mural will look lovely in your room.

Word Clouds

world cloud with important geology words like "earth" "strata" and "drilling"

For a fresh education wallpaper idea, find a word cloud like one similar to this one above. No matter what you teach, you can find a word cloud for your subject that will help remind your classroom about the main focus of your course. Show them everything essential and everything that is needed to be an expert in that field. A word cloud like this education wall decal can be a full wall mural, or you can cut vinyl for wall decals and put each word up separately.

Periodic Table

group of people sitting below periodic table on the wall

Of course, we had to put this educational wallpaper idea up for any chemistry or science course. The elements on the periodic table are the building blocks of our universe. If your course utilizes the periodic table, it will be a cool idea to install a full mural of the periodic table. Rather than put a poster up or use the pull-down posters, install an education wallpaper like this so that it can become a major staple in your classroom. It will also become a focal point for your classroom and a great tool that your students can rely on.


layers of rock, with a dark layer on top, a loose sedimentary level in the middle, and a brown level on the bottom

For a fun and unique approach to decorating your classroom, go with a fun and cool educational wallpaper like this that shows the up close and detailed view of the layers of rocks that make geology so cool. Or pick a mural of something geologic: a particular volcano or rock structure (Devil's Tower, Sugarloaf Mountain) to enhance the aesthetic of your classroom. If you're a grade school teacher, get a mural of basic rock facts, e.g., that the kinds of rock are metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary.


blackboard with spanish verb tenses

This education wallpaper is a simple way to decorate a Spanish-teaching or Spanish-immersion classroom. There are a lot of tricky verb conjugations when learning other languages, and having a mural with some of these conjugations can be a help in the classroom. For example, if a student is speaking Spanish, trying to master vocabulary, then a conjugation sheet will help remind him of the proper tense, allowing him to focus on learning the vocabulary. Another approach is to get a wall deal of vinyl letters of common vocabulary words for your students. You can change these out with each new set of vocab words you give your students throughout the year.


van gogh's night cafe

We couldn't not include this educational wallpaper idea under art. No matter what course you teach, we highly suggest finding a piece of art relevant to the focus of your class. That way, your students can absorb the styles passively as they spend time in the classroom. You can even put up a wall decal next to the piece of art that lists what they need to know about that piece of art (use it in a pop quiz to see if they notice!). A mural that covers the entire wall will make their eyes widen when they walk in the room—they won't ever wonder if they've walked into the right classroom again.

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