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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Top 10 Kids Interior Design Trends

When it comes to decorating your home, keeping your family in mind is one of the first things to do. You’ll want to involve them in your choices to make sure they love your ideas and that they’re kid-friendly. So if you’re looking for interior design ideas for kids, keep reading!

Wall Murals

One kid-friendly favorite interior design option is to hang up a stunning wall mural or wallpaper. These murals are the perfect kid-friendly option as they are generally not printed with the toxic chemicals older decor used to have. They can be hung easily and are scratch and rub resistance. They can take all the wear and tear of a rambunctious child, and if they ever get extra creative and take a pen or marker to them, you can easily wash them with a rag and gentle soap. There are so many lovely options to pick from to perfect your kid's room interior.


Tepees have become a really big trend in interior design, and you can see why below! They’re so sweet and quaint and are a perfect addition to a nursery, playroom or kids bedroom. They can be used as a sleep space or as a play area for a child. You can buy one or do it yourself to make it just the perfect size for the room you put it in. Decorate it with a fun garland and pillows and a cute rug underneath. It will become the perfect play space to cozy up with a book or a doll or two. It's one of our favorite interior design ideas for kids!

naturally lit room with floral print wallpaper and tepee

Garage Storage

This interior design kid-friendly option might seem a bit boring to you or not so much a design thing, but trust us it is! How you organize your child’s playroom or your garage can be done in such a way that makes it extremely good to look at. Find baskets to hold balls in, hang bikes from the ceiling, and create a special place all for your kids in an area that may feel like it’s just for adults. It’s not, though! The garage can be the perfect place for them to run in and out of to grab their toys and making it easy for them to grab exactly what they’re looking for quickly.

Mud Rooms

A mudroom is a perfect interior design option for your home. Kids and adults alike love to go out and have adventures, but sometimes those adventures bring back dirt, mud, or sand, and a mudroom is just the ticket. You can install it close to the laundry room or a bathroom so that when they come back from swimming in the pool or playing out in the yard, they can quickly wash off any dirt or dry off without tracking it into the rest of the house. Here's some decor inspiration for mudrooms!

mudroom with cubbyholes and wall decorations

Play Rooms

If your home has the space for it, a playroom is a wonderful interior design idea for kids. You can set aside a space for all things kid-related. This can help keep the rest of your house free of piles of toys or other messes—plus, if designed right, you can turn it into a perfect little space for them to create and play make-believe in.

child's playroom area with bright geometric triangular wallpaper


Wall decals are a fun way to decorate a home or playroom. They can be designed or picked out by your child and put up in their bedroom or play area to turn it into something personal and fun just for them. Wall decals can be easily washed so that if they get dirty from playing, you’ll only need a damp washcloth and a bit of gentle soap. These are some really exciting ways to decorate a small space.

simple tree wall mural behind bed in child's room

Dorm Designs

Let your kid feel like a big kid with a bedroom styled after a dorm room. Give them a space that is all theirs and also has space for them to do their homework and still have room to play in. A desk with shelves and tons of cupboards will give them the chance to stow away all their clothes, books, toys, games, and so much more. Helping them to keep their space clean and tidy but also letting them feel like they’re one of the big kids.

Stair Designs

A sweet way to decorate a small space is to use wallpaper or put a small wall mural upon your stairs. Stair designs a subtle way to give your space a bit of unique personality. You can use the same print all the way up the stairs, or mix and match a few in the same color hues like these blue ones below.

stairs wallpapered with different designs on each step


To keep things fresh, go for seasonal interior designs that are kid-friendly. Removable wallpapers and wall murals are a quick and easy way to decorate a large or small space in visions of holidays and family traditions. Get your kids involved and let them pick the wallpaper or mural for the next holiday and have them help you install it. This kind of interior design can help keep your home fresh and new every few months.

fun kid-friendly halloween wall mural

Theater Room

Who wouldn’t love to have a theater room in your home?! We want one! A theater room is such a fun addition to your home, and you can get the whole family involved. Turn family movie night into a real drive-thru experience with a wall mural of drive-up cars and the night sky on your ceiling. Put in comfy, overstuffed sofas or theater seats, or large armchairs. Make sure to include a snack bar with a mini popcorn maker and include everyone’s favorite movie theater snacks.

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