Top 12 Accent Wall Ideas

Top 12 Accent Wall Ideas

Our Top 12 Accent Wall Ideas

When you decorate a room in your house, it's common to finish but still feel like it's missing a "Wow Factor." Before you rush back to your favorite home decor store, scouring the aisles for that perfect piece, consider adding a pop of color on the walls instead! With just one feature wall, you can tie your decor and room together in a cinch and add a stylish flair.

For more information on choosing an accent wall, check out our full guide! To browse decor ideas, check out our 12 favorite ideas listed below!

Accent Wall Design Ideas

Solid Color Accent

A solid color can be a great accent wall idea. Most people think choosing a dark wall color would make the room feel smaller, but it's actually the opposite. You can see in this room that it opens up the room, making it feel bigger and brighter.

bedroom with window and white walls, with one dark blue accent wall behind the bed

Faux Wood

A faux wood wall is an excellent option for an accent wall. As shown here on the staircase wall, the faux wood provides an eye-catching contrast to the decor. You can also see that it doesn't take away or distract from the hardwood floors, but rather is a nice complement. Here's an example of our "wooden" shiplap mural being used by a real-life customer!

staircase with faux wood accent mural on the side


A striped wall provides an elegant demeanor to a room. This wallpaper accent wall makes the office stand out, while not feeling too busy. The classic black and white look delightfully complements the pops of color throughout the room.

office with white rug and walls and a striped black & white accent wall


A gold patterned wallpaper is upscale and modern in this space. It will instantly make the room look high end and way ahead of its time. While gold can be a risk, it definitely pays off here.

Very few decor pieces are needed to contrast with a gold and gray removable wallpaper. There are tons of different patterns to choose from with Limitless Walls, if gold isn't your style.

white wall with decorative gold veins


A lovely floral design makes this nursery absolutely delightful. Don't stress over wall decor in the nursery with a fun pastel pattern. The room needs little else, with minimalist decor. This makes the job easier on the new parents!

This bedroom shows off an elegant way to do florals. Not at all juvenile, this wallpaper accent wall is classic. It brings a Victorian-era feel to the room that is unique and extremely classy. All of the muted tones throughout the room only add to this feel.

nursery with sofa chair, crib, and simple pink and blue flowers on the wall

Faux Marble

A modern faux marble wall makes this room seem tall and natural. Especially if you are a nature lover, marble may be right in your wheelhouse. Marble is so versatile, as it can be an ancient classic and modernly chic at the same time.

slate grey marble accent wall behind a bed

Accent Wall Decor Additions

Large Mirror

Mirrors have been used in home decoration for centuries, and it's no wonder because these nifty little gadgets can make a room look larger while also giving you a classic look and feel to any room. A great room accent wall idea is to place a large mirror that sits over your buffet in a dining room or over a dresser in a bedroom.

large oval wall mirror as an accent

Vertical Garden

One of the less traditional feature wall ideas is a vertical garden. Bring the outdoors in with shelves or hanging shelves full of your herb garden or vines that will grow. This idea is perfect for a dining room or room area with plants and plant themed walls


Another great design idea is to use is to pick something that is also functional. A chalkboard wall can be used to keep lists, a calendar, or even a great place for kids to have fun.

Gallery Wall

One of the best ideas for an accent wall in a living room or study is a gallery wall. Put up a collection of family photos from your last holiday or a shoot with a professional photographer. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a gallery wall!

If you are an artist or have kids who love to draw, consider framing and hanging up some of their artwork--a genuinely personal art gallery! You can make the gallery as big or small as you want. Fill the whole wall to showcase your favorite pieces from impressionists to modern artists.

gallery of 24 smaller framed bird decals

Plate Collection

Another fun one in our list of accent wall ideas is a plate collection. Hang vintage pieces from your great aunts or your mother's china in gallery form to highlight your lineage.

collection of unique plates hanging above a doorframe


Also among our ideas for a feature wall is wainscoting. This stunning decoration style has slowing been coming back into style for its traditional and classy look. Paint your walls with a vibrant paint color and then add white wainscoting to for a beautiful contrast.

room with dark walls and white shadow box wainscoting

Some Final Tips

  • Use your feature wall as a way to coordinate the rest of the décor. If you have numerous antiques, you may want to rethink using a modern wallpaper design. Perhaps try using a lovely floral wallpaper accent wall which will complement the color scheme.
  • When you enter the room you want to decorate, notice where your eyes go first and why. If it's a structural piece like a mantle or archway, consider this an excellent blank canvas to highlight in your home.
  • Think of your feature wall as a canvas. If you were painting, you wouldn't have holes in your canvas, so why would you have windows on your feature wall? Avoid using walls with doors or windows so that the real focus is your astute taste, not what's going on outside of the room.

These are just general ideas, but we have specific ideas for various rooms of the house as well! Here are our specific accent wall ideas for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms!

Accent walls are one of the best ways to give a room a little bit of a leg up. It creates an instant point to focus on when you enter the room, which can be helpful. Use it to draw attention to your good taste, or a stunning piece of furniture you picked up at an antique market.

Whether it's a wallpaper accent wall, a plate collection, or a large mirror—an accent wall will bring depth and richness to any room. You can't go wrong!

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