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Tropical Beach Style Wallpaper - 6 Great Ideas | Limitless Walls

Our beach style wallpaper and tropical wall murals are perfect for anyone looking to elevate their home’s style and create a more relaxing atmosphere. A realistic beach wall mural from Limitless Walls can make your home feel like a luxurious getaway. Stress seems worlds away when you’re surrounded by one of our tropical wall murals. For ideas on how to get started with our beachy wallpaper, check out the six placement ideas below and shop the full collection here!

  1. Master Bathroom Getaway

Master bathrooms are increasingly focused on becoming spaces designed for the ultimate experience in relaxation. Few things are more relaxing than spending a warm, sunny day at the beach with your toes in the sand. For those of us who can’t spend every day at the beach, a nice alternative is designing a master bathroom that makes the most of each morning routine or evening bath. Adding a beautifully realistic Limitless Walls beach wall mural as the backdrop for a large tub can create the perfect environment for relaxation. Imagine getting ready each morning while looking at a view of your favorite beach or stepping into a warm bath to unwind after a long day at work while enjoying a book in front of a serene, tropical background. All that’s missing is a soundtrack of waves crashing on the shore. It may not be the beach, but it very well may be the next best thing!

  1. Fun in the Sunroom

Another clever place to install a tropical wall mural is in a sunroom addition. Typically, sunrooms are designed to let in as much light as possible, with three walls having floor to ceiling windows. Add some flair to your sunroom by making the fourth wall pop with a fun, beach style wallpaper. This type of wall mural can make the most of the surrounding windows to create a versatile space where you can host parties and impress guests with the views, or spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the outdoors without even being outside.

  1. Nautical Living Room

Nautical themes offer a fun, beachy, and unique vibe that’s ideal for people who want their interior décor to create a coastal feel, sometimes hours away from the beach. Whether you’re decorating a beach home just steps away from the sun and sand or a nautical themed home in a landlocked state, our collection of tropical wall murals can create a living room focal point that anchors the rest of your décor. A beach wall mural can also function as a standalone piece in an otherwise contemporary or traditional home. Let your beach style wallpaper take center stage among simple furniture and décor for a room that’s perfectly balanced.

  1. Switch it up in the Laundry Room

Few rooms are more in need of a little bit of fun than the laundry room. When you’re busy working to pull wine stains out of your favorite shirt or grass stains from your favorite tennis shoes, having a beautiful and realistic view of the beach could make a world of difference in the quality of your time spent doing laundry. When it comes to interior design, the laundry room is often a place for people to show off their personalities with décor that quirky, fun, and full of color. Shop the Limitless Walls collection of beach style wallpaper to find the perfect beach wall mural for your laundry room, or get started on your own custom design here.

  1. Elevate your Home Office

Like the laundry room, home offices are dedicated to hard work. This is another space that could definitely use some elevated style to make your working experience more bearable. Working full time can mean spending eight hours a day—and sometimes more—in a single room. With so much time spent here, you want to make sure you do everything you can to create a space that relaxes you and that you enjoy. Adding a serene beach wall mural with soft hues of green and blue is a great way to create a calming environment where all your stresses seem miles away. The mural below is perfect for rooms that require a soothing wallpaper because of the way the setting sun creeps over the sand—not too bright or saturated in color, this wallpaper is happy to sit in the background without becoming a distraction.

  1. Destination Guest Bedroom

Elevate your hosting with a beach wall mural in your guest bedroom. Create a tranquil beach getaway your guests will love. Adding a beach theme to a spare bedroom can also be an easy way to earn extra cash as an AirBnb host. Many homeowners are turning to renting out spare rooms to travelers and this could be a great design element that sets your space apart from the rest. Whether you’re hosting strangers or family and friends, there is no denying that a mesmerizing wall mural goes a long way in elevating the design of any bedroom.

If these six ideas for adding a beach mural to your home have inspired you, shop our full collection of beach style wallpaper here. Get more ideas on our blog, or create your own design here.

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