is vinyl wallpaper waterproof

Is Vinyl Wallpaper Waterproof?

Is Vinyl Wallpaper Waterproof?

When it comes to decorating a home, there are a lot of questions you might have. Each room in the house may answer those questions differently. At Limitless Walls, people often ask, "Is vinyl wallpaper waterproof?" Quick answer: yes! So much has changed in the world of wallpaper in recent years—we can print custom images, wallpaper ceilings, and now we can easily wallpaper bathrooms!

I Can Put Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

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It's no surprise to us that this question gets asked. Older versions of wallpaper weren't as hardy as customers wanted, and you didn't even think about putting it up in a bathroom: too much humidity and serious danger of water damage. When you thought about a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, you had to consider all the splashing, showering, and steam. However, in recent years, the quality of vinyl wallpaper has improved immensely. If you are considering putting wallpaper up in a moisture-prone area, vinyl wallpaper is the best way to go!

Of course, it is still wise to consider the ventilation and amount of spillage and splashing that little kiddies might create in a bathroom when it comes to decorating in there. However, with today's vinyl wallpaper options, you won't have to worry about whether or not vinyl wallpaper is waterproof anymore!

Of Course!

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Today, many homes are better-ventilated, which can help wallpaper last longer. Along with this, many companies are using more durable materials, without damaging preexisting walls or leaving the walls in a worse condition. You don't have to worry about using super glue to get the wallpaper to stay up in a bathroom or behind a kitchen sink anymore.

The best option for wallpapering a bathroom is vinyl wallpaper. Vinyl is often used on automobiles and boats because it is extremely easy to apply, but its also extremely sturdy. It can withstand contact and water better than most materials.

Vinyl wallpaper is non-absorbent, meaning it won't absorb water that lands on its surface, which could create the wallpaper to fall or even mold to grow underneath. Most vinyl wallpapers are made of a vinyl film laminated onto a paper substrate or fabric, giving it that extra added measure of protection. It is very much the most durable type of wallpaper available since there are zero holes for water or moisture to penetrate through.

Not Just For Bathrooms!

Bathrooms aren't the only space in the house where waterproof wallpaper would be helpful! It certainly would be nice to install something waterproof in your bathroom, tub, and shower areas, but let's move over to some other rooms in the house. Think about your kitchen, especially your backsplash. Spills are inevitable in the kitchen area as you chop, dice, stir, rinse your way to culinary freedom. Vinyl waterproof wallpaper is, naturally, also spillproof! No matter whether you're looking for waterproof wallpaper for the shower area, bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, Limitless Walls has a design just for you!

What's So Good About Vinyl?

At Limitless Walls, we create vinyl wallpaper murals that can withstand the high amounts of moisture in bathrooms or other rooms. When installed correctly, our vinyl wallpaper murals can last for years. The best way to get your vinyl waterproof wallpaper to last for a long time is to make sure the wall is clean of dust and completely dry first. Use the bathroom as infrequently as possible and avoid showering in the 24 hours before installing the wallpaper to ensure there's no moisture in the room. Once you've cleaned the wall and are sure it is completely dry, install the wallpaper following our standard installation instructions. When these directions are followed closely, we can guarantee that your wallpaper lasts for several years.

light green art deco bathroom with jungle & parrot wall mural

If you're still unsure if your vinyl wallpaper is going to withstand the tests of rambunctious children or a poorly ventilated room, our protective topcoat option takes the wallpaper's endurance one step farther! With a topcoat, you can easily scrub, wash, and admire your floral wallpaper without a single worry of it falling, tearing, or absorbing moisture. Just remember that the vinyl covering the paper substrate or fabric is already completely water-resistant and is more than enough to keep it waterproof.

In fact, with our vinyl wallpaper, you can wash your stunning floral mural with just a damp rag. So if the kids get a crayon or marker to it, or if some soap gets squirted onto it, you can quickly and easily wipe it off with a rag and water. You won't have to worry about food staining it either.

Vinyl wallpaper has come a long way since your grandmother's day. Back then, vinyl was the polyester of home décor, it was cheap-looking, and you had very few options. Today, you can pick from a wide range of textures, patterns, colors, and it's made with safer materials than before. We pride ourselves on our non-toxic vinyl. Limitless Walls' vinyl wallpaper is made out of the best available materials so that we can confidently answer your question of: "is vinyl wallpaper waterproof" with a resounding yes!

Check out Limitless Walls' vinyl wallpapers today to start your home renovation or even to get some fresh ideas of what your rooms could look like. You won't regret using the vinyl wallpaper as it's easy to install, remove, and even reusable. Plus, we have an extensive image library to give you thousands of options. You're sure to find the right fit for you.

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