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Wardrobe Makeover with Wallpaper Ideas

Wardrobe Makeover with Wallpaper Ideas

If you've lived in your current home for a while, chances are your wardrobe needs a makeover. Not your clothes, though those may need one too, but your actual wardrobe. Wardrobes and other furniture pieces from a time gone by can add a ton of character to a room. The large, removed closets are extremely useful for storage, and not to mention are usually uniquely ornate. With distinguished carvings, personalized elements and shapes engraved, wardrobes can really change the look of a room but also be extremely functional. If you don't have one, consider browsing your local furniture consignment store, thrift store, estate sale, or flea market for these gorgeous pieces. If a wardrobe isn't the right fit for you, your closet is perfectly fine to give a little facelift, as well. Wherever you keep your clothes is an often-used space and deserves some decor.

How to Decorate a Closet

Let's face it. Your closet is usually an overlooked space. Since it's probably not totally visible to the outside world, we normally keep it messy, since it's so easy to forget about. However, your closet is likely one of the most-used spaces in your bedroom, next to your bathroom and bed. It can feel overwhelming to try to find a shirt in a messy, unorganized, unattractive space. Tons of interior designers have chosen to use wallpaper on the interior of wardrobes and closets alike to spice things up. When you pick a quality wallpaper, organize the interior, and give the space a fun feel, then choosing your clothes for the day can become an exciting task, rather than a worrisome mess.

Before applying your wallpaper, make sure to clean out your closet or wardrobe. Take all the clothes and items out, and you'll be thankful you did. Installing wallpaper is much easier and hassle-free to do with an empty space. Consider if you want to wallpaper all the walls in the closet, or just one as an accent wall. Additionally, if you're adding wallpaper to your wardrobe, you may want to do it in certain sections, like the entire back wall, or the inside of the doors. Wallpaper will make your closet look more professionally designed. You may want to add in a bench seat, or chair to look even more chic. Browse websites for closet designs that you really like, and model your closet after them. The wallpaper will likely be a big enough design statement that everything else can be simple and minimalist, which is a huge benefit of wallpaper.

What kind of wardrobe mural you should get will vary depending on the size and use of your space. It will also depend on the pattern and colors you select. Whether you're planning to decorate a coat closet for your entryway, a large shared walk-in closet in the master bedroom, or your personal wardrobe, there are tons of options to choose from when deciding to decorate the space with wallpaper. A smaller space calls for small, tight-knit patterns for optimal impact. A larger closet will, in turn, require larger-scale patterns and textures. A ladies-specific space can be personalized to be bright and feminine or specific to the owner's interests. A shared, gender-neutral space may be more generalized and neutral.

Go Bold!

If you're going for an even bolder look, you can add a complementary paint color to the door trim and shelves to make it stand out. Chandeliers, pendant lights, or sconces also add another element of elite design. Don't neglect your closet when it comes to the decor, either. Art pieces for the walls also bring some fun to the space. Wall sculptures like a ceramic elephant head, driftwood, or even hanging plants can bring some joy to your closet. In an otherwise boring space, spicing things up can excite things and even inspire you to keep that closet clean.

decorated wardrobe with blue floral wallpaper that has birds on it

The closet or wardrobe area is the perfect spot to add spunk and to experiment with your decor. If you want something bold and exciting, but don't want to overdo your whole house, a wardrobe mural is an easy way to bring out your fun side. Also, since closets are usually smaller than bedrooms and other common areas, it's easy to redo a smaller space if you find yourself having second thoughts. If you have a walk-in closet, you may want to explore all of your design options before you commit!

Limitless Walls has peel-and-stick wallpaper that can simply be applied right onto an even surface. If you decide to change it up later, you can easily remove the wallpaper and store it for another time. Rather than old school wallpaper that requires messy paste and time-consuming application, now you can peel the back layer off the paper, and apply it onto the wall. You will most likely need another person helping with this project to ensure there is a smooth application with no air bubbles, but it is a simple installation.

Not Satisfied?

The great thing about Limitless Walls is the sixty-day return policy. If the product is improperly printed, we'll give you a refund. If you realize that the mural isn't exactly what you visualized, you can replace the mural at no extra charge. Contact us here!

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