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What is a Wall Mural?

What is a Wall Mural?

As early as prehistoric times, humans have told stories and expressed themselves with murals. From cave paintings to Banksy, people have ever been leaving their mark on earth around the world. Before home decor was a form of expression, there were murals found in nature. Murals give us exquisite art and depiction of life, scenery, religion, and traditions, displaying the diversity of cultures throughout history. When walking through buildings like public libraries, businesses, temples, churches, museums, and more, murals cover the walls to show elaborate art and transform spaces. They are representative of the cultures they come from and the life they depict.

There are many types of murals--from different eras, in multiple styles and textures. The most primitive kind of mural is painting straight on the walls or plaster, traditionally done using tempera, oil, or acrylic paints. More recently, the murals are sometimes coated with a varnish for longevity and protection from everyday wear and tear. Before serious printers, to have a custom mural made required a lot of time, money, and the extended services of an expert artisan. Murals would only have existed in the homes of the super-rich or a common area of a town. They were not accessible to the masses. While they were expensive, time-consuming, and immensely difficult to paint, their detail and beauty made it worth it.

what is a wall mural

Murals can represent lots of different things for people, groups, cities, and locations. From art to political expression, murals are a diverse form of expression worldwide. Murals are often seen playing an interesting role in the relationship between art and politics because they can genuinely depict the feelings and thoughts of different cultures globally. Murals can also be used as a form of advertisement for products and companies. Urban art is gaining popularity, and big ad execs are catching on. Many are choosing to hire local street artists to paint murals for them in big cities, a great way to connect with different cultures in various neighborhoods. Not only do they resonate, but they have now become landmarks in cities, and travelers seek them out for photos!

Not only can wall murals be used in large-scale ventures, but they can also be utilitarian as well. In today's world of murals, things are a little more technologically advanced. There are now more advanced techniques for printing large scale murals. They are generally printed on huge vinyl, paper, or fabric sheets and attached to a surface, like a modern wallpaper. They can be seen in all types of buildings, like homes, offices, cities, and more. Wall murals are gaining popularity because of their variety and ease of application, and unlike old-school painted murals, they are effortless to install. You receive your mural in the mail, and then apply it to your desired surface. No more long days of painting, or paying an artist to paint for you. Order, receive your mural, and apply to your wall.

You may have never thought you'd have a mural in your own home, but they are more accessible than ever. Using a mural as an exciting statement wall is a quick, easy, and cheap way to change the look of a room in your home. Because Limitless Walls has so many images to choose from, you can find one to suit your decor. There's no need to try to paint a mural yourself, or an even more costly venture, to hire an artist to do so. There are now thousands of photos, designs, and patterns to choose from for your mural. You can even upload one of your own photos at your favorite vacation spot to bring into your home!

what is a wall mural

Consider a beach background for your wall mural, or an exciting abstract pattern. Wall murals in your home will do just what they have done for centuries: show off your personality, your favorite travel destinations, culture, artistic style, and decor sense. Murals can completely change a room, and without as much effort as other options.

Murals are design solutions that stick to your wall and give it a fresh look. If a permanent change that covers all four walls is what your room needs, wallpaper could be a better option. Wall murals, however, are easily and quickly applied. They can also be changed when desired, so don't worry about taking a risk in your design choices. Pulled off with one pull, peel-and-stick murals are a perfect option.

When choosing the style for your wall mural, consider the room it will be in. If a children's room, look at a childlike theme like our dinosaur prints, or princess mural. To spice up your office, think of a cityscape, or modern pattern print. A wall mural can be a nice complement to a space, or an interesting focal point. You can update your home for every season of life with a mural, because of their versatility and flexibility.

Wallpaper Vs. Wall Murals

Wallpaper, the traditional wallcovering, is usually filled with prints, patterns, or embossed patterns. Sometimes including texture and various colors, this type is permanent. Surely you have seen someone peeling wallpaper off, reluctantly. However, a wall mural is a type of wall covering that is created with a digital print using high-end printers. They are made with high-quality photographs, illustrations, and more that can be made to meet the exact size requirements for the room. Don't worry about ordering a mural, only to have to cut it down to the precise size of your wall, as you can order the dimensions.

Because of its roll width, it is tough to print large images on wallpaper. With wall murals, the possibilities are endless. Think about unique textures, photos, illustrations, and designs that complements, enhances, and captivates. While wall murals are printed in panels, the width of our murals is over twice that of wallpaper, meaning you get over double the area without having to match up seams!

Different murals work well in different settings, which is vital to know when trying to decide what's best for your home. When designing your room, have a scheme, color palette, and textures you want to go for. Consider a smaller print mural in a small space. You may also choose a full-wall mural for a large themed space, as well. The options are endless when it comes to wall murals. Not just for the home, these wall coverings can be used in a commercial setting, as well. Corporate environments are well known for rigidity and not-so-fascinating design features; a wall mural is perfect for covering up the boring beige walls of a business center. Consider a well-traveled through part of a commercial building like a reception area or lobby to be the perfect spot for a wall mural.

Choose a mural for visual engagement with customers and guests. Personalize your space with something different and eye-catching, something that most regular wallpapers cannot accomplish on their own. However, when paired with a patterned, textured wall mural, the room is complete. Most murals are not used for all four walls in the room, as not to overwhelm. As an accent wall, they can be bold and elaborate.

Choose a Limitless Wall Mural

Murals are digital images from photographs or illustrations that are usually much larger than wallpaper patterns. The goal of a mural is to stand out while still fitting the style and decor of a room. The prints are large, as not to be repetitive, like wallpaper. When used as an accent wall, it is not overwhelming or consuming in the room compared to the other decor. It's encouraged that the accent wall to have minimal decor on it, as not to have too much going on, but rather provide balance in the room.

Great for visual interest, diverse colors, patterns, and textures, wall murals are a great addition to your space for something different and exciting. Consider what theme your space will have. What style, textures, scheme, and feeling do you want? That will help in discovering the right wall mural for the room. Let your design choices make a statement and be original.

Limitless Walls provide excellent options for wall murals. They have tons of different possibilities not only in their patterns and photos but in the texture of the murals themselves. Enjoy a canvas feel, paper, vinyl, and more when choosing a mural with Limitless Walls. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. Some require pasting, and some are ready to go on the wall straight away. Spruce up your same-old, same-old decor with an exciting and fun wall mural.

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