The Bright Lights of New York City Wall Mural
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The Bright Lights of New York City Wall Mural

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New York City is known for many things, especially the bright lights of the many buildings found in the cityscape. During the night time hours, building after building come alive with sparkling lights which really sets NYC apart from the rest. In the Bright Lights of New York City Wall Mural, New York City comes alive and you can clearly see how the city that never sleeps is truly always awake!

8th Rule Photography has highlighted the city perfectly in this image. Taken from the water front, the image depicts the Brooklyn Bridge fully lit during the nighttime hours. You can see the lovely architectural wonders of NYC in the background, all resting behind the calm waters of the city. This image depicts the city wonderfully and makes a lovely addition to the décor of any home.

You have the option to purchase this mural in several sizes. Consider where you would install the mural in your home and then you can decide if small, medium, large or custom size will work best. Once you have your size chosen, you can move on to the material. Standard fabric and premium canvas are quality materials that provide a peel & stick installation method. This option is best suited for an easy install as well as reusing the mural at a later date. You also can choose non-adhesive paper and vinyl, both of which require paste for installation.

Enjoy a different look with this mural by choosing greyscale in your additional options section. Greyscale will change the coloring to black and white, perfect for décor in the home with neutral tones. When installing your mural in a high traffic area, consider adding the protective top coat. This will give an added layer of protection to your mural for safe keeping.

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Materials Standard Fabric Premium Canvas Paper Vinyl
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Commercial Grade Not Rated Type VI Class A Class A Type II Class A
Finish Slight Texture Canvas Texture Smooth Matte Smooth Matte


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Below is a link to our Installation instructions for our self-adhesive materials (standard fabric and premium canvas)

Fabric & Canvas Installation Instructions (self adhesive)
Paper & Vinyl Installation Instructions (paste required)
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