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10 Best Girls Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

Girl's Bedroom Wallpaper and Design Ideas

For the girls in your family, check out these awesome girl's bedroom wallpaper design ideas. Whether your girls are lovers of all things floral or polka dots, whether they're toddlers or teens, we have the best design ideas for her bedroom—you're sure to find something your girls will love! Even better, with removable wallpaper or a removable wall mural, you can easily take down the design once they grow out of it or find something else they like.

1. Bold Floral Wallpaper

Bold, vibrant florals are a natural go-to for girls' bedroom wallpaper. Rather than stick with the typical floral designs of the past, go with something big and bright and then pair it with neutral colors in the furniture and linens. Use a white rug or white bedspread. Alternatively, pick a subtle color in the wallpaper to use as an accent color throughout the room.

wallpaper with colorful flowers on white background

2. Spunky

If you have a daughter that wants her room decorated in a less typically "girly" style, try something more on the wild and spunky side. Let them pick out a wallpaper pattern online or in the store. Or if they find a pattern they love somewhere else, you can email it to us, and we can print the design on a custom wallpaper or custom wall mural. Something sweet like this watermelon design can turn your girl's bedroom into a unique space.

spunky girl's bedroom wallpaper with polka dots and pink watermelon

3. Woodland Landscapes

A woodland wall mural is a unique, imaginative idea for girls' bedroom wallpaper. A bedroom mural like this is great for a young age as its neutral colors will last for years. Start this design off in a nursery, and then when you swap out the crib to a big-girl bed, you can keep the wallpaper up. Alternatively, if you move houses or your daughter moves rooms, you can take down the wallpaper and re-install it in another room. Our girls' bedroom wallpaper can be removed and reused about two to three times.

girls bedroom with traditional Beatrix Potter style traditional animal wallpaper

4. Starry Nights

This lovely idea for a girls' bedroom wallpaper is a wonderful way to transform a bedroom into a dreamy oasis. With a dark background like the one below, you can create a moody ambiance to help your child fall asleep at night. It will also create a neutral palette so you can pair it with your daughter's favorite color as a pop of fun throughout the room.

girls bedroom with dark, starry wallpaper and cloud mirror decals

5. Classic Style

If you have an older daughter in her tweens or teens, a classic approach to the bedroom decoration might be the best way to go. Pick a color that she won't get sick of that is light and airy and will help bring brightness to the room. Then, use different shades of that color throughout the room. Traditional or classic patterns are a perfect way to keep things simple, and generally, they're designs that won't go out of style quickly.

well lit girl's bedroom with sky blue accent wall, white wainscoting, and a pastel pink ottoman

6. Retro Walls

For a classic girls' bedroom wallpaper, retro prints and designs are something that will last the test of time. These are wallpapers that have endured the changes in decade favorites. Pick designs like vinyl LPs or poppies like this pattern below. Lots of these wallpaper options come in different colors, so you are sure to find the right color palette for your daughter.

8. Jungle Wallpaper

This girl's' bedroom wallpaper is perfect for the wild child in your life. A bold and bright bohemian pattern or a fun jungle-themed wall mural can transform any girl's room into a fun and exciting place to hang out, play, study, or sleep. You can pair the mural with rich browns and golds for the bed linens and then decorate with pillows and garlands in the subtle colors of the print to bring out the reds or yellows to bring life to the mural and room.

girls bedroom wallpaper

9. Subtle Ideas

If you want to decorate more subtly, try decorating your girl's room less traditionally, like installing a wall mural in the closet. This kind of approach is fun and adds another canvas to decorate as she gets older! Or if they have their own bathroom, install a mural in there instead of in their bedroom.

Walk-in closet with light blue wallpaper showing tree branches and various birds

10. Bright Shapes

For a minimalist but eye-catching design, bright shapes like this are a fun and bold way to decorate any room. This kind of design can give you the chance to change up the other accessories in the room without haven't to change the wallpaper. Pick one of the colors for this year to use in throw pillow and garlands, and then next year, pick a different one. Turn it into a game to see which color your daughter picks next.

girls bedroom with twin beds and a fun multicolored triangle geometric pattern wallpaper

Other Girl's Bedroom Decor Tips

  • Don't forget the linens: If you are unsure about installing a mural on the walls, you can still dress up a bedroom with some color with the fabrics and linens you pick. Dress the bed with her favorite colors; whether you choose to go the chic monochromatic way, or have a fully patterned set, the bed will be the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. It is vital that you spend the necessary time designing her bedroom to fit her needs and tastes. Try to find the best balance between style, quality, and price, as no matter how beautiful a bedding set is, if the fabrics aren't soft and of high quality, you can be sure that her sleep will be negatively affected. Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are considered the best materials in terms of comfort.
  • Try out a few rugs: Floors are an easy surface to play with, and they can add color, character, and texture to the room. Keep in mind that flooring is more important for our little ones as they spend so much time on their knees, playing with their toys and rolling around with their siblings. It's best to match their carefree ways with some careful selections, such as a quality rug of sufficient thickness, which will offer your child comfort and even safety. Opt for rugs made of natural fibers like sheepskin or wool/sisal rugs, which are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and also naturally flame resistant.

Be okay changing things (often): At some point, your child will grow out of the design or style you guys have picked, and that's okay! It's natural for anyone's taste, to change with age, at different times in our lives. Be okay changing things out as your daughter grows and comes into her own person. Because this is bound to happen, it's essential to always include her in the planning process. This will not only guarantee that she gets something she'll love, but it can also help her plan ahead in case she does want to change it again. Now, she knows how much work goes into planning out her room design, so next time she might pick something a bit more simple.

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