Ocean Wallpaper Mural in a dinning room.

Is Removable Wallpaper Removable or Does it Damage Paint?

Is Removable Wallpaper Removable or Does it Damage Paint?

A recent trend in home decor is removable wallpaper. It’s easy to install and cheaper than painting or traditional wallpaper. It’s an excellent option for renters or people who like to change their mind and decorations often. With some companies like Limitless Walls, you can do more than just plaster a fun pattern up on your walls. Turn a beautiful ocean view or beach scene into the perfect wall mural. You can even take one of your favorite photographs and turn it into the perfect showpiece for your gallery or living room. However, a big question newcomers have that keeps popping up is: "is removable wallpaper really removable?"

is wallpaper really removable

Removing Removable Wallpaper

Most wallpapers today are made to be removable. They’re sometimes even called renters paper because they’re the perfect option for anyone who might be renting and will need to remove the paper eventually. A bonus with Limitless Walls removable wallpaper is that you can not only remove your wall mural, but you can also reuse it multiple times! We know from experience that our murals can be put up and taken down about two to three times.

By being gentle and patient, you can easily pull off your mural by starting in a corner and then pulling the paper away from the wall at a 45-degree angle. Note: pulling at a 45-degree angle is essential to proper removal! By doing this slowly, you can preserve the mural and then use it again in a different room, office, home, or even just on the opposite wall. If you’re still worried whether removable wallpaper really is removable, get a sample! Test the paper on an inconspicuous part of your wall (this is also a great idea if you want to be sure that the wallpaper will go over textured walls seamlessly).

Take the removable wallpaper sample and put it on the wall just as you would a full piece. Let it stay up for at least a few days before removing it. Once you’ve tested it, you will see first how quickly it comes off and then how it won’t ruin the paint or wall.

Ocean Wallpaper Mural in a dinning room.

Even if you have used a prepasted wall mural material, you can still remove the wallpaper quite easily. You can do this by taking a hairdryer and heating up stubborn spots that won't come off right away. If you don't want to use a heater, you can take a wet rag and iron, place the damp rag over the stubborn spot and then iron it. The steam created from the damp rag will help the adhesive soften, allowing you to be more easily able to peel the material away from the wall.

You can remove your wallpaper in as little as 10 minutes. After removing your own wallpaper, you'll be the one answering the question is removable wallpaper really removable?

Does Removable Wallpaper Damage Paint?

Of course, we know now that removable wallpaper is removable, but will removable wallpaper, wall stickers, or wall decals ruin paint? Fortunately, no! Wall decals, wall stickers, and removable wallpaper all can be removed gently, and they shouldn't damage your wall paint underneath. While they are designed for you to be able to remove them without damaging paint, we can't guarantee uniform environmental factors (highly extreme temperatures, incredibly textured surfaces) which could potentially cause issues with the paint. In nearly every case, however, you can remove removable wallpaper without any damage to the paint.

Sometimes when you remove a wall mural, it might leave behind a little bit of paste or adhesive. However, you can get rid of the adhesive or leftover paste by wiping it off with a bit of soap and water and a clean rag. If it's too sticky and soap & water aren't working to remove the adhesive, we recommend using Zinsser Dif Wallpaper Remover Spray.

installation prep

Now don’t worry that just because your removable wallpaper is easy to remove that that means it’s cheap and won’t last. Our murals can last on your walls for several years as long as it has you install them properly. Make sure to clean your wall thoroughly beforehand to remove any dust or dirt before installing the wallpaper. Make sure the wall is entirely dry before application as well.

We don’t use growing agents in our adhesive. Other adhesives will grow and strengthen over time on the surface they are applied. We, however, use an adhesive that is just as strong that won’t grow over time and make it challenging to remove eventually.

Our adhesive will also stay in good enough condition to be reused for another application. When you first install the wallpaper, save the backing. For smaller murals and short-term storage, you can use wax paper. When you remove the wallpaper, immediately place the backing paper onto the wallpaper so that the wallpaper won’t pick up dust or dirt as you remove the rest. If you have larger murals or are planning to store them long-term, contact us here at Limitless Walls, and we can provide you with the backing paper solely for the cost of shipping. The quicker you replace the paper or wax paper, the better. Otherwise, it can pick up dust and debris, causing it to lose tack.

So if you’re starting your new home decor with an installation of removable wallpaper, you can rest assured that it won’t damage your paint and that it will come off easily. Our wallpaper is wallpaper that comes off easily!

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