Top 10 Math Wallpaper Ideas for a Classroom

Top 10 Math Wallpaper Ideas for a Classroom

Top 10 Math Wallpaper Ideas

Change how your students feel with a fun and exciting new math wallpaper! Ditch the boring classroom walls full of motivational posters. Everyone else uses those, so go for something bolder and that sticks out more than a few framed images. A math wallpaper can be a really unique way to decorate your classroom. If you want to transform your plain-Jane math classroom from traditional to impressive with these top 10 math wall art ideas.

For Children

If you teach younger children math or have a classroom with younger students, pick math wall ideas that reflect the age of your students. You do not want to cover the walls with scary-looking formulas that will overwhelm or frighten your younger students. You will need to pick age-appropriate math wall decals to decorate with. Something like this math wall mural below is a smart solution for younger audiences. It uses the often-seen magnetic numbers that just about every fridge in America has. This idea brings in something that the children might be familiar with, and if they do have these same things at home, it can help them feel more comfortable when they walk into your classroom.

Additionally, if you are looking for child-friendly math wall ideas, you will want to pick wall art with bright colors. Bright and bold colors can brighten up your classroom with just a few steps. You can choose to get math wall decals or wall murals that cover the entire wall or order them in the same size of a poster minus the bulky frames and damaging nails.

math wallpaper

Chalkboard Mural

One math wall idea is to go with a chalkboard wall mural. This idea can mean two separate things – one you can choose to cover an entire wall in chalkboard wallpaper that you actually use as a chalkboard. This is an ideal math wall idea especially if you spend much time going over examples with your classes. It will give you much more space than any traditional chalkboard that is already installed in the classroom.

On the other hand, you can install a mural like this one below, that is more a picture to decorate your space, making it less functional and more like math wall art.



We love this math wallpaper idea. It may feel like a simple approach for decorating your space, but installing simple formulas, or important basics on your classroom wall can be a smart solution that is not only beautiful to look at but also functional. Math wall art ideas like this one can help your students learn the basics or foundations visually while also learning in other ways in your classroom.


I Love Math Mural

We could not have a list of math wall ideas without including a super fun and cheeky wall mural that exclaims just why you teach every day – because you love math! Any math teacher who really loves their job should go for this math wall art to give themselves a little boost each day to remind them why they’re there; even on hard days.

i love math mural

Half and Half

This math wallpaper idea combines the simple look of formulas with the colorful look of creativity. Give your math classroom some color with a wall mural of a chalkboard covered in formulas and fun drawings. This idea is good if your classroom is not just used for math but other subjects, like for elementary school classes.

kid and math wall

Exciting Mural

This math wall mural below is an exciting way to remind students that math is not boring, but can be fun and exciting.


Simple Accent

If you want a simple math wall art idea, go for an accent wall approach like this one below. You could find a way to build something like this below, or you could go for the easy and cheaper route and just have it printed as a custom math wallpaper. Ditch nails and hammers that might ruin the wall behind and go with a removable and reusable wallpaper that will come off as cleanly as it goes on.

math accent

Word Cloud

A really simple way to decorate your classroom with a math theme is to go with a word cloud like this. This math wall art idea is a truly simple and modern approach to livening up your space with reminders of everything that math encompasses.

math word cloud


This math wall art idea gives a more general approach by decorating with the tools and supplies needed to get the answers your students will need at the end of their working day. It is a fun way to remind them that solving math problems includes more than tedious formulas, but can also include protractors, graph paper, and all those fun supplies necessary for conquering the world of math!


Calculator Wallpaper

This retro approach to decorating your classroom might be one of our favorites. With a two-toned math wallpaper like this calculator idea below, you can cover all four walls or just one wall in your class space as an accent wall. Give your space a vintage look or retro makeover with a math wallpaper of calculators, or a wallpaper with a protractor pattern. It is a cheeky and spunky way to show that teaching and learning do not have to be boring!

math wallpaper

No matter which of these math wallpaper ideas you decide to use, we know that each one will give your space a boost and also give your students a fun boost to their learning. Bring in some color into your otherwise boring space with one of these simple approaches to classroom decoration.

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