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15 Interior Design Ideas for a Child Care Center

15 Interior Design Ideas for a Child Care Center

If you are in the market for top interior design options for a childcare center, you are in the right spot! Whether you run a childcare center from your home or in a leased space, we have several options that work just right for you and your mission. We've put together a list of the top 15 interior design childcare options for you to browse. Hopefully, you find one that you love, and that will work well for you and your space. Check them out below!

General Room Arrangement Guidelines

  • If you are building a classroom for small children, follow these general guidelines to make sure your room is adequately equipped for play and learning.
  • Furniture should be arranged to help minimize children's running in the classroom while also making it easy for children to get around.
  • Classrooms should include a balance of areas for quiet play and areas for active play.
  • Messy activity areas such as science, meals, and art should be near water access like sinks to aid in clean-up.
  • Materials for children should be stored and to provide easy access for children.
  • A "hand washing" sink for diapering and toileting should be separate from a sink used for food preparation.
  • Private spaces for one or two children (to allow for those times when a child needs a moment to themselves; this is not a "time out" space).
  • All child-accessible materials should be age-appropriate, clean, and in good condition.
  • Each child should have an area for storage of personal items like a cubby.
  • Materials not appropriate for children (such as those for teachers) should be stored in a high and/or locked cabinet to prevent injury.

Safe Materials

If you are decorating a classroom or daycare center for small children, you need to be aware of the kind of materials you are using. Certain paints and wallpapers can be made with harmful chemicals. Other objects can be unsafe for children to around, such as tiny things, especially because toddlers tend to put anything and everything in their mouths, noses, and ears. The following materials are considered safe for childcare centers.

  • Carpet & rugs – solid color and tight weave
  • Hardwood cabinets and shelves - make sure they are anchored to the wall
  • Toys - make sure toys are made from natural fibers like cotton or wool, or hardwood. Foam is also a safe option for blocks
  • Non-toxic wallpaper (low-VOC, phthalate-free)
  • Non-toxic paint—Safecoat is a safe paint for walls and ceilings

Decor Ideas

Personal Art

If you run any sort of childcare or child education center, a unique, special way to decorate your space is picking artwork the children created and turning it into a custom school wallpaper or wall mural. You can easily upload a piece of art, and we can create a custom mural printed to the exact size you need for your wall! Once your mural has been printed, it will ship to you, where you can quickly install it with the help of a friend in just four easy steps. The great thing about these school wall murals is that they can be removed without damaging the paint underneath. So if you ever move rooms, you can easily take it down without any hassle.

day care wallpaper drawn by the kids with birds, the sun, and various plants

Nursery Print

A sweet childcare center interior design option is to pick a wallpaper that has a fun and kid-friendly pattern. Like this wallpaper with rocking horses, prams and other childlike images. This is a perfect option for decorating your space, especially for a daycare center with younger children.

cute nursery mural with little duckies, rabbits, and leaves

Landscape Mural

For a really fun and creative interior design idea, consider painting a wall mural of a landscape. Or get a landscape printed on wallpaper and install the paper. We suggest this option if you are leasing or renting the space and don't want to install a permanent fixture in the room. This kind of interior design child option is great to help with the kids' imagination as they come each day to play and learn.

nature landscape and road leading to castle

Nature Mural

For a decoration that is easy to freshen up and change with the holidays, a nature mural is perfect! You can have a normal photo of a tree or backyard with a fence, and then throughout the year, let the kids make a craft that you hang on the wall to make it look like pumpkins by the fence, or bats flying in the air. Have them make easter eggs and then "hide" them on the wall. It's like a great big holiday version of pin the tail on the donkey.

fall wall mural with bats hanging from the mural


Maps are a smart way to decorate childcare centers. They are not only beautiful pieces of art, but they can also be educational and informative. Whether you have a globe or two throughout the room or hang a map wall mural, this is a fun and educational way for decorating your childcare center.

full wall map with famous animals in various locations: giraffe in africa, bison in midwestern USA


Transform your childcare space into a mini castle! Design a fort-like structure to be installed in a small area of the room and then paint it to look like a castle. Or use wallpaper that mimics stone or brick. This is such a fun idea! It will be so easy for the kids to spend time playing make-believe in a place like this!

kids basement playroom with full size castle mural on all wides

Town Market

If you've seen the mats and rugs that have mini villages and towns sewn and drawn on them, you'll know how much kids love to play on them. They get a chance to "drive" and shop in the market like mommy and daddy do. Why not bring that to real-life by creating an interior design childcare center that is a make-believe town? Set up parts of the town, throughout the center, for a police station, supermarket, park, and more. This decoration idea is great for helping kids play make-believe but also learn how to do simple, everyday tasks.

nursery interior with fake tree, swing, and cartoon landscape on the wall

Make Believe

Whether you're looking for childcare center design options or just looking to design your own child's playroom, finding something that is centered around their imagination is a smart idea. Ask your kids or child what they would want to put up on the walls and then transform the room into their very own world of fantasy.

fantasy land wallpaper with hand drawn plants and a hippo


Another sweet childcare center design idea is to paint a jungle or trees throughout the room. You could even get the kids involved and have them fill in the shapes of the trees or paint a leaf of two. Take them straight to the jungle—just no bugs or tigers!

jungle wallpaper for kids with pandas and koalas


Similar to the jungle, a great wall mural option for a childcare center is to install a mural of a farm or barn. So many fun activities for children center around learning about animals. You could really take this time to transform the space into an educational plus fantasy area. Hopefully, you're able to get Old Macdonald out of your head!

farm yard wallpaper with fields and barn with horses


Wall decals are a great idea for childcare centers. They are smaller and easier to install than wallpaper or a full mural and can be removed just as easily without damaging the wall underneath.

tree wall decal with cartoon clouds and sun

Solids & Stripes

One great option for kindergarten wall murals is to pick a two-tone wallpaper or to combine two solid color wallpapers into stripes. We love this idea, as it can be a simple way to incorporate teaching primary colors to your students. Do not go too far overboard and use every single primary color or a rainbow of colors. This can be overwhelming to have on all four walls. Stick to two colors that complement each other like red and green or orange and blue, yellow and purple, or a magenta and lime.

well-lit room with pastel chair and green-white striped wallpaper on accent wall

School Supplies

It is a no-brainer that we have to include these school decal ideas in our list of the top five engaging school wall decoration ideas. School supplies are such a fun way to decorate any classroom space. You can pick a school wallpaper with a pattern of pencils, markers, crayons, or more to give your area a fun, relevant backdrop.

Or pick school wall decals that cover up a large section of the wall but not the entire wall. Look for school wall decal ideas that have lots of bright colors, so the classroom does not feel stiff or sterile like a hospital. The school wall mural below can be installed on one of your main walls that have windows (or not). You can even turn the mural into an interactive space—allow your students to draw and decorate birds or planes that they can then hang on the wall by the clouds. They will love being able to see their own work upon the walls, and they will feel that you appreciate their creativity.

school supplies: pens, pencils, protractor, notebook, times table

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